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Stub Logo.png This page is incomplete and/or lacking flavor. Reason: Why would someone who already has a bonded weapon want a 2nd bonded weapon? If anything this should allow pcs who don't have a bonded weapon to have one as currently only certain classes/subclasses can take this feat and feats shouldn't have class/subclass requirements.

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Weapon Binder

Prerequisites: Bond weapon (like a pact weapon for warlock or bond weapon of an eldritch knight)
You spend so much time with your bond weapon that it becomes a part of you that is becomes effortless to summon it to yourself. When you take this feat you become able to summon a second bound weapon but it takes up concentration if you are a warlock or you use your bonus action as a fighter to summon both your bond weapons to yourself but you can not take the extra attack action the turn you do this.

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