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Warden, For Honor[edit]

Fighter Archetype Wardens are tactical and skilled swordsmen and women, able to use their signature Longswords to maximum potential in combat. They are trained to utilize every surface of the weapon as a deadly instrument. Furthermore, they are meant to be chivalrous and compassionate, so if you wish to roleplay with this class, a Neutral Good or Lawful Good alignment may be conducive. However, precious few 'wardens' actually take this aspect to heart, unfortunately.

Longsword Mastery

A Warden is skilled in the versatile use of their longsword, and can use it in a variety of ways. At 3rd level, when you make a weapon attack with a longsword, you can choose whether its' damage type is piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning before rolling damage dice.


Also at 3rd level, you learn a special technique of the Wardens commonly known as "half-swording", in which you use a special grip to hold the sword by the blade with one or both hands, using it for additional leverage or to entangle an opponent. You can now grapple while wielding a Longsword, and when taking the Grapple or Shove actions, you have advantage on all related Strength rolls.

Double Strike

Quickness with the sword is a key trait of Wardens, and as such you have honed your movements and precision tirelessly. At 7th level, When you make a successful melee weapon attack on your turn with your Longsword, you can choose to strike again on a back-swing and deal an additional 1d8 damage of the same type as that of the initial attack. This feature can only be used once on your turn.

You have a number of uses of this feature equal to your strength modifier. All uses are regained when taking a long rest.

Knight's Honor

Wardens are honorable knights though-and-through. You have been trained in the arts of royal courts and courtesy, and you carry with you the image and prestige that the title of knight entails. At 10th level, you can add your proficiency modifier to any charisma-based check made when interacting with nobility or other knights.

In addition, Common folk who would recognize knights and nobility as part of their homeland are naturally inclined to trust you.

Shoulder Charge

The shoulder charge is a deadly maneuver that allows a Warden to burst open their opponent's defenses and leave them dazed and confused.

At 15th level you can take the shove action as a bonus action. The shove action is also now a shoulder charge which, if successful, knocks the target back up to 15 ft., deals 1d4 + your strength modifier in bludgeoning damage, and knocks the target prone.


In a daring and brutal attack, a Warden can decimate a weakened opponent in a single strike. When you reach 18th level, if you reduce a creature one size larger than you or smaller to below a quarter of its maximum health on your turn, you can forgo one of your attacks in an attempt to execute it.

Make an attack roll contested by a Constitution or Dexterity (whichever is better) saving throw by the target. On a success, the creature is instantly reduced to 0 hit points.

Once you use this feature you must finish a long rest before using it again.


These are alterations which you may make to the following features if you desire and the DM allows.

Longsword Mastery: In an attempt to help the fighter class level slightly better, you also may add half your proficiency bonus to your damage rolls with a longsword at 10th level, and may add your full proficiency bonus to your damage rolls with a longsword at 20th level.

Knight's Honor: Instead of the above bonus, you have advantage on saving throws whenever an effect, such as a Charm spell, would cause you to go against your moral code, either by action or inaction. Furthermore, you are proficient in Wisdom saving throws.

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