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[[File:<img src=|thumb|Vidfur's symbol is of a thumb pointing upwards and often people make it when they are happy.]]

Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Trickery, light
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

  • Vidfur is the god of fun and his only purpose is to spread joy throughout the multiverse. He is very friendly and will help anyone in need but often he then requests that they "play with him". If Vidfur finds anyone that seems sad, he will try to make them happy but will get aggressive if they remain annoyed because he is trying to eradicate sadness, misery, and anger from the multiverse.
  • Vidfur lives in Elysium but can often be found in the material plane trying to make people happy.
  • Vidfur looks like a normal human but golden light pours out from where his eyes should be. He usually wears a set of common clothes and a vest made entirely of gold, that he named Goldie, and when traveling to the material plane he can shapeshift into a normal humanoid.
  • Vidfur tries to remain as far apart from other gods as possible so nothing gets in the way of his fun, but does end up fighting with his twin brother Hathar, the god of boredom and gloom, a lot.
  • Vidfur does not have many clerics or temples of his own, but people often make his symbol or say a short prayer to him before doing something fun. Some theatres and other places of entertainment have small shrines to him so that their guests will have fun. On the rare occasion that there is a temple of Vidfur, it will be a place where people can go to have fun. On the equally rare occasion that there is a cleric of Vidfur, they will try to make everybody they meet have fun and be happy.
  • Story or quest hooks ?????
  • The only item of real value owned by Vidfur is Goldie. He also made several spells that make people happy (fun, party, amusement)

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