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Weapon (glaive), legendary (requires attunement)

At first, veil appears as a well crafted, radiant weapon that beckons for a worthy wielder to use it for good, but that is just a facade. The longer it is wielded by someone, the more they see it's true nature. It will progressively lose it's radiant light, being replaced by a shadowy aura as it's clean white blade tarnishes and turns black. Veil is a magical weapon that has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls and deals an additional 1d6 necrotic damage.

Beyond the Veil The moment the blade comes into contact with it's target, intended or not, the wielder must make a wisdom save with a DC of 10. On a failure, the wielder's vision shifts and they peer into an alternate reality wreathed in shadow. In this world dark, twisted, and shadowy forms call out the wielders name as they grab and reach. The sky in this world is a purple black interwoven with a scarlet red that seems to drip. the surroundings differ depending on where the wielder was at the time of striking the target. They appear to themselves as if they are covered in gore and thy themselves are also wreathed in shadow. This all occurs in a flash and by the time it has ended the blade has just finished it's path. If two or more saves are failed in a single round of attacks then the wielder starts to become visibly wreathed in shadow. Enemies hit with Veil must also make this saving

Sentience. Veil is Chaotic Evil with 22 Intelligence 14 Wisdom 18 Charisma. Veil has truesight up to 20 feet and darkvision for 40. Veil speaks Common, Infernal, Celestial, and Primordial and can communicate telepathically within 10 feet of it.
Personality. Veil entices pure souls to wield it, coaxing them to use it's blade for justice. It claims that it's motives are pure, but it lies. Veil's true intentions are to corrupt those who are pure and bend them into dark amalgamations of what they once were. At every turn, it will seek to convince it's wielder that an unnecessary show of strength must be made to show that it's wielder is not to be feared. It might also convince it's wielder to commit unnecessarily and increasingly violent acts. Of course, it assures it's wielder that such acts are perfectly natural and are indeed necessary to make the world a better place. The blade will also try to infect the wielder's dreams, turning peaceful slumbers into nightmarish fits of crying and screaming filled with dark thoughts of beings not of this world. Those corrupted by Veil invariably become raving maniacs and psychopaths. After all, the road to the underworld is paved with good intentions. If the wielder has not committed an evil deed in the last 7 days, the weapon will have an argument with the wielder at dawn.

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