Variant Rules (Orizon Supplement)

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Shipping Trouble[edit]

Goods have to be shipped along vast distances, both up and away, and storms and disasters make shipping so much more difficult. Sailing, flying, all of them are difficult. Consequently everything is more difficult to find and much more expensive.

Increase the price of all goods and services by half.
'Greater Trouble: Double the price of all goods and services

Wild Magic Swell[edit]

Wild magic is a part of the very atmosphere of Orizon, it builds and swells much like moisture in the air, imperceptible to the naked eye, but very obvious when it erupts. Though these eruptions can be triggered by magical casting. Every time a player uses a spellcasting ability roll a d30. On a roll of 30, consult a wild magic table of your choice.

  • Optional rule: add +1 to the initial roll for each spell cast and the result can be 30 or higher.

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