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Variant Rules[edit]

A certain thing to note is that, while these rules add more to the campaign setting, they are entirely optional and do not need to be followed to a tee. Digression is up to the DM, as it is with all things.

Class-Specific Level Caps[edit]

This rule is unique to this setting. The insightful reader might have noticed in the Class List that specific classes, mainly High-Magical, Unheard Of classes have a note saying "They have a level cap of XXth level", or something along those lines. With this rule in place, it limits the levels a character can take into a class. This only limits how many in the class, however; If they multiclass into a different one, they can reach a total character level of 20. This is put into place to dissuade players from using Magic, as the Weave's influence is already strongly weakened. It's not wholly necessary to put this cap into place, but instead something similar such as This may be a good influence to not rely on magic.
Notes: Not necessary, but strongly recommended unless you have a different rule to dissuade magic.

Feats instead of Levels[edit]

If you or your DM allows for Feats to be taken, you may forgo taking a level in any class in exchange for taking a Feat. However, any Feat taken in this way does not increase any stat. For example, if you wish to take the Athlete feat, you gain all of it's benefits besides the increase towards your Strength or Dexterity. This can be done a total of your proficiency bonus - 1, for a maximum of 5 times at 17th-20th level. You may not do this at 1st (or 0th level, if using that variant rule). This still counts towards your total player level.
Notes: Has not been tested for balance. Be careful when allowing this rule.

More Useful Intelligence[edit]

This rule makes it so Intelligence isn't always a dump stat, and can be used for helping balance of stat usage. Intelligence is usually ignored and is the lowest stat of most players, so this will allow for your players to consider different options for putting the lowest number into.
Notes: None.

Expanded Interactions[edit]

This allows for more usage of the environment, and not having to be limited to one interaction per turn. Not much else to say besides this.
Notes: There are sub variant rules to consider. I would add both along side this rule.

Additional Status Conditions[edit]

From bleeding to freezing, from rage to pain, this rule adds just more variety with other conditions. No more will a character be lit aflame with little consequence, or will a character just have to be charmed with other conditions instead of something more specific.
Notes: None.

Drugs & Medicine[edit]

Warning: Adult
With this rule, you can create a variety of drugs with individual addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Because, what isn't an intergalactic journey without a little drugs?
Notes: There are two drugs which are unique to this setting:

Figi Gas[edit]

A popular drug on Zabbet, the Gas is typically compacted into either a pill or just a straight gas in a jar, and is either ingested orally or nasally respectively. The drug's base substance is the Gas which originates from Gell. The color is a purple-green mixture, seen in both forms, along with usually a shimmer in the gaseous form. Each pill is considered one dose, and a jar contains 2 doses, however due to air flow, there usually is only one dose's worth inhaled.
Taking Figi Gas either way takes an action. When you do so, you add 1d6 to your Wisdom and Charisma score for an hour, allowing you to pass the limit of 20 to a hard cap of 30.
Cost: 20 gp
Overdose: When a creature takes Figi Gas in either form more than once within an hour's time, they suffer a -3 to Intelligence score for the amount of time the drug lasts. As well, you have disadvantage for Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saves.
Addiction: The save DC for Figi Gas is 14. Creatures addicted suffer from being spasmic if they don't take either form within 24 hours, as they are overcome with a twitchy need for more of the drug.

Vac Glass[edit]

Originating from Biscore, Vac Glass is harvested from Irsdale's crystalline structures. This makes the price pretty cheap for an illegal substance, and allows for mass manufacturing as long as one knows how to properly make it. After one crushes the large, yellow-tinted crystals down to particles the size of salt, they must douse it in a mixture of oil and mushed herbs. After the particles mix well with the mixture, the maker must let it harden for an hour, afterwards a sheet of a dark green glass can be smashed and sold. Some on Biscore call this "Bastard's Glass". One dose of Vac Glass is roughly a gram.
Taking the drug uses an action, which increases Constitution by +2, grants you advantage on Constitution saving throws except to avoid addiction, and gives you a +3 to AC for a minute.
Cost: 5 gp
Addiction: The save DC for Vac Glass is 17. Creatures addicted will appear scrawnier than normal, with their muscles thinning. This makes a creature have a -2 to Strength and Dexterity scores after not ingesting the drug for 8 hours.

Partial Armor[edit]

This rule allows for smaller pieces of armor to help benefit you alongside light or no armor. None of the armor is listed on the Armor page, however anything on the Partial Armor page, should you allow the rule, are allowed.
Notes: The modern and futuristic categories on this armor are ignored for the purposes of allowed partial armor.

Level Zero[edit]

For those who want extremely low-power campaigns, this is the Variant rule for you. Even if your PCs aren't level zero, this can be used to make NPCs which aren't completely helpless, yet still don't have any class.
Notes: When you use this rule, you may want to grant your players a bit of money after they level up, perhaps from a quest or just random luck. This is due to the rule not accounting for some classes giving you relatively expensive gear, like armors.

Quirks, Strengths, & Weaknesses[edit]

This rule allows for more varied characters, allowing for your newly made PC to take on an optional Quirk, such as being a hulking person, but being physically slow, or being blind with the upside of Blindsight via an echolocation of sorts.
Notes: Do note that these are optional for PCs to take, and aren't 100% needed to make a finished character.

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