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"sloopy tuesday",31-2011 may 10:04[edit]


I decided to write about everything I ever did on Teoryran. First of all, the classess I made where bad in the begining, I thought they made sense but there was alot I was overlooking. Gradually, I abandoned and redid, classes and began the slow progression to thinking before posting. Well, I always do but somethings are harder to predict than others.

I do still have lost of ambition, wanting to create new systems and a unique setting.

The Races[edit]

The racial levels, never seemed to work out. To much ability bonuses per level. In average 2.66 to 4.66. No matter how I think about it. Deviding mankind into specialised races. For nobles, peasants,clerics and urbanites, lead to the nobles seeming to need more stat bonuses per level than everybody else.

Shouldn't knights be stronger than normal men?. Nobles are trained in discipline, religion, common sense, emotional and self-controlled etc and they are supposed to talented in a little bit of everything. Which all sounds like high wisdom to me. They should also have hight charisma. Being warriors specialised on riding they should also have dexterity.

Then we have the saving throws, should the saving throws be halfed to balance the high stat bonuses or should they be normal. Then feats, do the racial classes really need class feats at all or are they superflurious?

My ideas for changes are based on making a list of the classes I want each caste to have and the roles I want them to play. Thus I get an idea of the stats bonuses I want them to have.


1 * +2 abilties per level 2 * progression towards devinity 3* human progression towars becoming Zarus 4* normal saves progression 5 * low HD per racial level 6* minimize racial class, feats 7* create uniformity in feat description 8* give all a age template system 10* give all a half-race system 11* introduce a Kith system 12* flesh out and keep the class bonus skills system. 13* include each caste with a point creation system. 14* set social status to level, 1 level nobles are equal to level 1 peasants so nobles start with more levels. 15* setting each level equal power and equal social status. 16* five castes per race. 17* focus on mankind then ork, then etc. 18* edit and beautify fluff. 19* put links into supplement pages. 20* create an own supplement page for the racial classes. Goals added the 16th june 2011 21. *History pages by Race. 22. *Relgion pages(by Race) for religious groups. 23. *Gods lists by Race, not religions. 24. *New and improved society pages for each race. 25. *Magic page. 26. *Devine spells page. 27. *page about playing in the far past or far future 28. *Page of Cities by Race 29. *Cosmology Pages 30. *Geography pages by each Continent.


The descriptions of the setting, especially religion and the realms, needs to be seriously edited. When I began writing, the countries where described as multi-racial. Later while writing I progressed towards making each culture synonymious with a race.

  • goal reduce Korad gods.
  • focus on Zarus as Korads god.
  • make Mazakeen religion more Inka/Aztek
  • make more room for the celestial beurocracy.

Goals Achieved[edit]

  • This is done. 2 abilties or less per level on all the human races

but they still need serious de-twinking.

  • I cleaned up the feat somewhat/create uniformity in feat description
  • Done on all human races/give all a age template system
  • Done on all humans races/give all a half-race system
  • Done/include each caste with a point creation system.
  • I almost finnished mankinds five races, religion page,and kingdom page.
  • I did a little to edit and beautify fluff,
  • I did put links into supplement pages.

New Goals Done[edit]

  • Revisioned and published the new list of human gods.
  • Added new race:Drow.
  • Added history of 3 races.
  • Added Geography about Aeoryran.

5e race[edit]

Could you do a 5e version of Garnemoire? --Redrum 14:20, 26 January 2019 (MST)

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