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My Contributions:[edit]

[[NaRok (3.5e Race)|NaRok Race]]

Blood Defender Prestige Class

[[Writers Sphere (3.5e Creature)|Writers Sphere]]

Image for Writers Block

[[Udd (3.5e Creature)|Udd (3.5e Creature)]]

Done, Comments Welcome.

Almost Done.

Permission asked.

Permission asked.


Items I belive to be very useful:
Thieves' Gloves of Tools
Scaplers Cloak
--The White Raven

An idea I had lately:[edit]

Why isn't there a college in DnD?
There is now.
It costs 9000 gold for a full year, which will gain you one level in any class you meet the prerequisets for if you are under 15th level, 1/2 a level if you are above. There is also a half year option, for half the price and half the experiance.
Each week, rool a d% and add 25 for that weeks quiz grade. If you get below 60% 3 weeks in a row you are expelled.
Then roll another d% and find the event listed below:

d% Result
1 Expelled
2-25 Major Event (School is overrunn, blizzard strands students, etc.)
26-38 Major Enemy
39-50 Major Friend
51-99 Pop Quiz
100 Falls in love

Any ideas on how to improve would be extremely helpful.
--The White Raven

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