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Say No To Core[edit]

If any of my homebrew creatures use a feat or such from a non-core source, or use any abilities from the Immortal's Handbook, its effects are described here.

I won't add their prerequisites or anything but their barest function, so hopefully nobody with lawyer powers gets made at me.


Chain Spell [Metamagic][edit]

A spell with a single target whose range is greater than Touch now effects a primary target normally and also a number of secondary targets up to your CL. No creature can be targeted more than once. If the spell does damage, the secondary targets take 1/2 damage and are allowed a Ref save to cut damage in half again, even if the original spell did not allow a save. If the spell does not do damage, the secondary targets have a saving throw that is 4 easier.

Combat Brute [Tactical][edit]

Three maneuvers:

Advancing Blows: On a successful Bull Rush, gain +1 bonus per 5' the opponent is moved on attack & damage rolls against that opponent on the next round only.
Sundering Cleave: If you sunder an opponent's weapon or shield, receive an immediate melee attack on that opponent at the same attack bonus as that sunder.
Momentum Swing: On a successful charge against one opponent, then on the following round use Power Attack with at least a -5 penalty, the bonus damage is *1.5 for a one-handed weapon or *3 with a two-handed weapon.

Craft Contingent Spell [Item Creation][edit]

Can do something similar to the Contingency spell, but it works like item creation.

Disciple of the Sun [Divine][edit]

Described under Jonasriel's combat section.


Can only be taken at first level. A kobold changes his type from humanoid (reptilian) to dragon. Also doesn't take aging penalties. Arguably makes kobolds into true dragons with age categories, but any DM who doesn't eat paint will rule that they do not, as kobolds are not freaking true dragons in any measure except to RAWtards.

Easy Metamagic[edit]

Choose a metamagic feat you know that modifies a spell level by at least +2. Now it costs 1 less to apply that metamagic feat to your spells.

Energy Admixture [Metamagic][edit]

+4 spell level. When selecting feat, choose one energy type (acid, cold, electricity, fire). Add that damage equal to the damage dice of the original spell. E.g. electric admixtured fireballs do 10d6 fire and 10d6 electricity, and electric admixtured lightning bolts do 20d6 electricity (10d6 elec normally + another 10d6 elec from admixturing).

Energy Substitution [Metamagic][edit]

+0 spell level. When selecting feat, choose one energy type (acid, cold, electricity, fire). Change energy damage to that type. E.g. electric substitution polar ray (or "electric ray" or "lightning lance" if you want to call it such) does 25d6 electricity damage at CL 25.

Enspell Familiar[edit]

Familiar considered in contact up to 1 mile from master.

Energize Spell [Metamagic][edit]

+1 spell level to charge a damaging spell with positive energy to do 150% damage to undead (and anything else that takes extra damage from positive energy effects, such as immortals with the Darkness portfolio, hint-hint) and 50% damage to everything else. This applies after all other damage modifiers, and can never stack with itself.

Explosive Spell [Metamagic][edit]

+2 spell level to A spell that has a Cone, Cylinder, Line, or Burst that allows a Reflex save will now push any creature that fails its Reflex save out of the area of effect. For every full 10' a target is moved, he/she takes an additional 1d6 damage, plus an extra 1d6 if he/she strikes a barrier. In addition, the target is knocked Prone.

Extra Familiar[edit]

Gain an additional familiar.

Faerie Mysteries Initiate[edit]

Elven trance for 4 hours, then "act of passion" (chaka now-wow) with another Faerie Mystery Initiate. For the rest of the day, use Int instead of Con for hit point bonuses.

Force of Personality[edit]

Use Cha mod in place of Wisdom for Will saves.

Fortify Spell[edit]

Works like Heighten (including the higher spell level effect) except gain +2 to beating spell resistance instead of increasing DC's.

Hold The Line[edit]

Receive attack of opportunity against charging opponent who enters a square the creature with this feat threatens.

Insightful Reflexes[edit]

Use Int in place of Dex for Reflex saving throws.

Keen Intellect[edit]

Int in place of Wis for Will.

Mage Slayer[edit]

+1 bonus on Will saves. If the creature with this feat threatens a spellcaster, the spellcaster cannot cast defensively. Lowers the one with this feat's caster level by 4.

Martial Stance[edit]

Gain listed martial stance. (Tome of Battle)

Martial Study[edit]

Can use the listed martial maneuver(s) once per encounter each. (Tome of Battle)

Persist Spell [Metamagic][edit]

+6 spell level, spell lasts 24 hours.

Pierce Magical Concealment[edit]

Disregards miss chances from spells or spell-like abilities, such as from displacement, darkness, invisibility, obscuring mist, etc; Can't ignore non-magical concealment (such as fog). When fighting a creature under the effect of mirror image, the one with this feat automatically knows which image is real. Lowers the one with this feat's caster level by 4.

Pierce Magical Protection[edit]

As a standard action, the one with this feat can make a melee attack that ignores bonuses to AC granted by spells. If this attack deals damage, all spells and spell effects that grant a bonus to AC are immediately dispelled. Lowers the one with this feat's caster level by 4.

Quick Reconnoiter[edit]

Can make one Spot check and one Listen check each round as a free action.

Quicken Breath[edit]

Use breath weapon as a free action once per round*. Add 4 rounds to how long it must wait before it can use that breath weapon again.

Normally just a free action, but with that it could loose 10000 breaths on its turn, and it would only need to wait about an hour and five minutes before it could do it again. Now that just ain't right, f'lah.

Rapid Breath[edit]

Your breath weapon, with a variable round delay, reduces the number of rounds one must wait by 1 per time this feat is taken. Can be brought to zero, which means the breath weapon can be uses the very next round.

Rapid Spell[edit]

Decreases the casting time for spells: (old casting time vs. new) 1 full round > 1 standard action, multiple round > 1 full round, multiple minutes > 1 minute, multiple hours > 1 hour. With Metamagic Freedom this becomes truly broken.

Rapidstrike/Improved Rapidstrike[edit]

Select natural weapon that is in a pair (e.g. dragon's two wings or lion's two claws). With rapidstrike, gain 1 iterative attack with a full attack with that natural weapon at -5. With improved rapidstrike, gain 3 more iterative attacks at -10/-15/-20. For example, a greater air elemental's full attack with improved rapidstrike (slam) looks like this: 2 slams +23 melee (2d8+5) and slam +18/+13/+8/+3 melee (2d8+5).

Reach Spell [Metamagic][edit]

Melee touch becomes 30 ft. reach, effectively a ray spell (whether or not it IS treated as a ray spell is up for speculation).

Robilar's Gambit[edit]

At the beginning of your turn, if you decide to use this feat, during that turn, all enemies gain +4 to attack and damage rolls on you. After their attack, you get an attack of opportunity against the opponent.

Sculpt Spell [Metamagic][edit]

For +1 spell level, any area of effect spell can have its area changed to one of the following Cylinder with 10' radius & 30' height, 40' cone, four 10' cubes, 20' radius sphere, or 120' line.

Shock Trooper [Tactical][edit]

Three maneuvers:

Directed Bull Rush: On successful Bull Rush at end of charge, can move opponent 5' to left or right for each 5' opponent is moved backwards.
Domino Rush: On successful Bull Rush that pushes opponent into same square as another opponent, can attempt to trip both opponents and they cannot attempt to trip you if you fail.
Heedless Charge: If you make a charge that ends in an attack that uses Power Attack (at least -5) you can transfer part or all of the attack roll penalty to a penalty to armor class. This is in addition to the -2 AC as part of the charge.

Split Ray [Metamagic][edit]

+2 spell level, ray spell (arguably any ranged touch spell, including melee touch spells altered with Arcane Reach or Reach Spell) shoots two rays at either the same target or two targets up to 30 ft. apart.

Transdimensional Spell [Metamagic][edit]

+1 spell level Full effect on targets that are incorporeal, ethereal, using blink or rope trick, etc. Must still perceive a foe to target with the spell, but AoEs work normally.

Epic Feats[edit]

Automatic Metamagic Capacity[edit]

Gain one free level of metamagic per round, which you may spontaneously apply to any spell (or spell-like ability) you can cast.

e.g. A Wizard with Automatic Metamagic Capacity could spontaneously apply the Enlarge Spell feat (or any other metamagic that increases the level of the spell slot required by one) once per round to any spell he casts, without increasing the level of the spell slots required.
It also stacks with existing metamagic deployment.
e.g. A wizard with Automatic Metamagic Capacity feats could spontaneously apply the Enlarge Spell feat to a previously prepared empowered delayed blast fireball in a 9th-level spell slot.
A character can gain this feat multiple times. Each time they gain the feat they gain one free level of metamagic per round. This feat stacks, each time it is taken you gain an additional +1 free spell level of metamagic.
e.g. A wizard with 3 Automatic Metamagic Capacity feats could spontaneously apply the Maximize Spell feat to a previously prepared empowered delayed blast fireball in a 9th-level spell slot. This feat is suggested as the replacement for the following epic feats Automatic Quicken Spell; Automatic Silent Spell; Automatic Still Spell and Improved Spell Capacity.
The various Automatic Quicken/Silent/Still spell feats are unbalanced. Improved Spell Capacity becomes more pedantic the higher in power you become, while in addition progressively alienating more and more lower level spells.
e.g. A wizard with Automatic Quicken Spell (x2) and Improved Spell Capacity (x3) should replace them with Automatic Metamagic Capacity (x5).

Automatic Writing[edit]

As soon as you see a spell in operation, either in the act of being cast or its ongoing effects, that spell is automatically written to your spellbook.

Divine Guidance [Divine][edit]

Described under Jonasriel's combat section.

Greater Critical[edit]

Selected weapon crits get triple threat range. Overlaps (does not stack with) Improved Critical.

Greater Critical Multiplier[edit]

Crits do more damage. x2 becomes x4, x3 becomes x7, x4 becomes x10. Immortal's Handbook: Ascension's replacement for Devastating Critical, as they both amount to the same thing, really.

Greater Power Attack[edit]

For every -1 attack, gain +1.5 damage (2:3 power attack ratio).

Heavy Armor Mastery[edit]

Take no penalty for wearing heavy armor. No maximum dexterity, no skill check penalties, no arcane spell failure, none of that; for all intents and purposes you're treated as wearing no armor.

Light Eradication[edit]

25% chance to ignore critical hit immunity.


With a successful Spot check (DC 20 + target's hit dice) you can accurately determine an opponent's martial class levels and physical ability scores (constitution, dexterity, strength).

Metamagic Freedom[edit]

You can apply the same metamagic feat any number of times to the same spell, provided you have a spell slot of adequate level or sufficient free levels of metamagic from Automatic Metamagic Capacity

E.g. With this feat you could use a 9th-level spell slot to triple empower a fireball spell (for +150% damage).
Normal Without this feat you can only apply the same metamagic feat once to a single spell.
Special A spell can only be quickened more than once a round with the free levels of metamagic granted by Automatic Metamagic Capacity. In any given round, you may cast one spell that is not quickened, one spell that is prepared as quickened, and any number of spells quickened spells, each using 4 free levels of metamagic from your Automatic Metamagic Capacity quota for that round.
Multiple quickened spells happen simultaneously, so you cannot teleport to a location, cast a spell and then teleport away again.
NB In the wake of this feat the following feats become redundant Improved Heighten Spell, Intensify Spell, Multispell. It is also suggested that you remove the Improved Metamagic feat altogether.
Improved Heighten Spell should be unnecessary if you already have Heighten Spell. Intensify Spell is simply a combination of two applications of empower spell and one application of maximize spell. Multispell is simply two (or more) applications of quicken spell. The first of the above feats should be replaced with Metamagic Freedom and any others by Automatic Metamagic Capacity.

Perfect Cleave[edit]

Can cleave after scoring a critical hit.


With a successful Spot check (DC 20 + target's hit dice) you can accurately determine an opponent's spellcasting levels and mental ability scores (charisma, intelligence, wisdom).

Power Attack Mastery[edit]

Can choose attack bonus penalty/weapon damage bonus with each attack.

Shield Mastery[edit]

Like heavy armor mastery, only for shields.

Sixth Sense[edit]

Cannot be surprised. Cannot be caught flat-footed except by creature with 4 HD higher than your own.

Sky Walker[edit]

Can fly at your normal movement rate with perfect maneuverability.

Subtle Body[edit]

Can balance on any (liquid or solid) objects that could not normally support your weight such as water or flimsy tree branches.

Superior Cleave[edit]

Can take a step (equal to your space) while you cleave, potentially cleaving more enemies.

Tenacious Body[edit]

You can walk up walls or on ceilings as if they were floors. This is not climbing in the sense that you must hang on, instead the wall or ceiling becomes your new gravity.


Carrying capacity is doubled.

Uncanny Power Attack[edit]

Always power attack for the attack roll exceeding an enemy's AC (still can't go beyond BAB as usual). For example, a creature with an attack bonus of +40 attacks a creature with an AC of 45. The attacker rolls an 11, so its attack roll is 51, so it automatically does +6 power attack bonus damage (51 atk - 45 ac) with that attack.


Burrow through solid ground at half your land speed. Every 2 Strength above 25, you can burrow through materials of 1 more point of hardness (starts at 0). Solid granite (hardness 8) would require a Strength of 41 to burrow through, and a wall made of obdurium (hardness 30) would require a Strength of 85 to burrow through.

Weapon Abatement[edit]

The first time a particular weapon attacks you, it always misses.

Weapon Mastery[edit]

Instead of Weapon Foc/Spec (sword/claw/whatever) you now can just specify bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing. Lets you apply all your weap foc/spec feat chains on a weapon damage type, saving you lots of wasted feats.

Divine Abilities[edit]

Abnormality (Wings)[edit]

Grows an extra pair of wings, doubling flight speed.


Triple all movement speeds.

Divine Sorcery[edit]

Know double the numbers of spells known for each level.

Divine Wizardry[edit]

Have double the number of spell slots available per day.

Enlarge Aura[edit]

Each time it's taken, double size of divine aura. Unlike most cases, a double-double is a quadruple, rather than a triple.


The natural armor bonus from divinity is equal to 1/2 hit dice, rather than 1/4.

Greater Aura[edit]

Adds three abilities to your divine aura. See individual creature entries for details.

Improved Damage Reduction[edit]

Add alignment factor to what is needed to pierce damage reduction.

Legendary Familiar[edit]

Familiar gains the Legendary Creature template (see Immortal's Handbook: Epic Bestiary vol. 1).

Master Rod[edit]

Can expend spells in place of rod charges to use its effects.

Moderate Eradication[edit]

50% chance to ignore critical hit immunity.


Each time this feat is taken, you gain six bonus feats. You must meet their prerequisites.


All skills are class skills. Inherent to sidereals.

Perfect Aura[edit]

Adds three abilities to your divine aura. See individual creature entries for details.

Perfect Disarm[edit]

Your attacks are always disarm attempts on top of the normal attack.

Perfect Initiative[edit]

Always goes first. If fighting another enemy with this ability or similar, they roll initiative against each other and go after everybody else.

Perfect Sunder[edit]

Your attacks are always sunder attempts on top of the normal attack.

Perfect Trip[edit]

Your attacks are always trip attempts on top of the normal attack.

Perfect Weapon Specialization[edit]

Weapon damage rolls with selected weapon always does maximum damage on the damage roll.

Quantum Effect[edit]

Incorporates fate into [Effect] abilities (such as Positive Energy Strike). Roll a d10 1, Effect damages self at normal strength, 2-3 no effect, 4-6 half effect, 7-14 no change (normal effect), 15-17 double effect, 18-19 triple effect, 20 quadruple effect.


Choose one or more allies within your divine aura. Whenever they take hit point damage, you take half the damage dealt to them from any source. This ability only applies to hit point damage, not ability damage, negative levels, etc.

Self Mastery[edit]

Your body parts can operate independently, making you immune to attacks like vorpal.

Seventh Sense[edit]

Your senses extend one round into the future. You cannot be caught flat-footed or surprised and you gain your Dex bonus against foes you cannot even perceive. You can replay a number of rounds per day equal to your divine rank. When replay a round, everyone else uses the same actions, whereas you can change your actions based on the knowledge of what they are going to do. You can only replay a given round once.

Spell Abatement[edit]

Ignore the first spell cast against you each round. This stacks with Spell Block from the magic portfolio.

Spell Immunity[edit]

Become immune to 0th- and 1st-lvl spells, regardless of whether or not they allow saving throws or spell resistance. Each time this is taken, become immune to the next two levels. You cannot become immune to more spell levels than your divine rank.

Spell Reflection[edit]

Any spell that can be effected by Spell Turning, which does not penetrate your spell resistance, is reflected back at the caster. Effect and area spells are not affected. This is inherent to sidereals.


The natural armor bonus from your deity template is equal to 3/4 your hit die.

Superior Aura[edit]

Adds three abilities to your divine aura. See individual creature entries for details.

Superior Damage Reduction[edit]

Add one material factor to that which penetrates your damage reduction.


Can never be tripped, except by deities of a higher divine rank.

Telluric Effect[edit]

If you keep hitting the same opponent round after round with the same [Effect] ability (for this guy Cosmic Positive Strike), each round after the last the effect doubles. So if the enemy survives the first round and he full attacks again, double the damage dice (and damage bonus) done with the positive energy, then triple, then quadruple, etc.

Third Eye[edit]

Grow a third eye. Can use any ray ability (such as from an [effect] ability), spell, or spell-like ability as a free action once per round.

True Strike[edit]

Gain +20 bonus on selected weapon.

Positive Energy [Effect][edit]

Assaults enemies with positive energy attacks (see individual creature entries for exact details).

Uncanny Weapon Focus[edit]

Use highest BAB instead of epic attack bonuses.

[Weapon Type] Debasement[edit]

Choose one damage type (bludgeoning, piercing, slashing). That type of damage always does minimum damage on the damage roll.

Note that two directly opposing effects (like "your attack always deals maximum damage" vs "their attack always deals minimum damage") cancel each other out (so in the previous example, damage is rolled normally).

Cosmic Abilities[edit]

Cosmic Positive [Effect][edit]

Kind of like Cosmic [Effect] only it deals positive energy damage. Do 2d20 per HD against undead, etc., and 3d20 per HD to vulnerable to sunlight.

Eighth Sense[edit]

As Seventh Sense (see above), except the sidereal's senses extend one minute into the future (10 rounds).


You know all spells that have ever been created.

Extra Portfolio[edit]

Gain all the benefits and drawbacks of the chosen portfolio above and beyond your normal two.

Gravitic [Effect][edit]

Assault your foes with gravity-based attacks.

Greater Gravitic Strike: With each hit, deal an additional 2% of target's maximum hit points in damage.

Great Breath[edit]

You can create natural creatures who can themselves reproduce (The creation of any races mimics the creation of outsiders, see Table 1-17 on page 17, but remember that the transfer of quintessence is only 10% effective thus to create a 21 Hit Dice being will cost 10,000 QP, not merely 1000 QP).


Your natural armor bonus is equal to double your hit dice. Prereq: Natural armor must be equal to or greater than your total hit dice.


Become immune to any extraordinary abilities, including attacks from natural weapons, of any form the overdeity assumes.


Exists within its own time stream: cannot be undermined by time travel (an enemy cannot go back to the past and kill it when it was weaker, for example), and if another creature uses time stop, it also gains the same rounds of apparent time at the same time.

Unearthly Power Attack[edit]

Power attack on a 1:4 basis.

Unearthly Weapon Focus[edit]

Attacks with selected weapon resolved as touch attacks.

Transcendental Abilities[edit]


The eternal's mind is stronger than reality. With a Will save versus a DC equal to target's character level, it can negate any attack or effect (be it physical, magical, or otherwise).


The eternal moves faster than light, and has a speed of 5,621,108,590 (1,124,221,718 squares) through all mediums.

Ultimate Power Attack[edit]

For every point of BAB sacrificed for more Power Attack damage, the eternal deals +8 damage (or +16 with a two-handed weapon).

Skill Tricks[edit]

Introduced in Complete Scoundrel, these are "mini-feats" that cost 2 skill points each instead of a feat slot. Each may only be used once per encounter (or once per minute for scenes that don't involve combat or other conflict), unless noted otherwise. Unless otherwise noted, using a given skill trick is part of another action as described, and they don't provoke attacks of opportunity.

Acrobatic Backstab[edit]

If the one with this feat succeeds on a Tumble check to move through an enemy's space, it can treat that enemy as flat-footed against the next melee attack it makes against it on its current turn. The enemy must be standing on the ground or floor to use this.

Back on Your Feet[edit]

If the one with this feat falls prone for any reason, it can stand up as an immediate action without provoking an attack of opportunity.

Clarity of Vision[edit]

As a swift action, the one with this feat can attempt a DC 20 Spot check. If successful, its vision focuses so clearly that it can pinpoint the location of invisible creatures within 30'. This clarity lasts until the end of its turn.

Nimble Charge[edit]

Run or charge across difficult surface without making a Balance check.

Nimble Stand[edit]

The one with this feat can stand up from prone without provoking an attack of opportunity.

Slipping Past[edit]

As a swift action, the one with this feat can ignore the additional movement cost and penalty on attack rolls to AC when squeezing through a narrow space (PH 148). The benefit lasts until the start of its next turn.

Spot the Weak Point[edit]

As a standard action, the one with this feat can attempt a Spot check to find a weakness in its opponent's defenses. The DC of this check equals the opponent's AC. If the check succeeds, its next attack against that opponent (which must be made no later than its next turn) is treated as a touch attack.

Swift Concentration[edit]

Maintain concentration on spell as a swift action.

Timely Misdirection[edit]

If you succeed on a Bluff to feint, your opponent can't make any attacks of opportunity against you until the start of its next turn. This is in addition to the normal benefits of a successful feint.

Twisted Charge[edit]

When it charges, the one with this feat can make one turn of up to 90 degrees during the movement. It can't move more than its speed as part of this charge. All other restrictions on charges still apply, and it must have line of sight to the opponent at the start of its turn.


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