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High CR monster and deity info[edit]

All of my high-CR creatures use the epic feats, divine abilities, and other stuff from the Immortal's Handbook for deity rules, rather than those presented in Deities & Demigods.

The Kosmos[edit]

First, a basic primer on how the cosmology where these gods and overdeities operate.

Divinity Itself[edit]

Now we look at the deities and overgods themselves.

The Book of Alterations[edit]

My homebrew immortals are heavily modified. No purchase necessary, details inside.

Phenomenal New Power[edit]

My homebrew divine abilities, epic feats, and the like.

Say No To Core[edit]

Any feats or such use by my homebrews not found in the SRD are described here.


In short, the Kosmos and its inhabitants go to 111. But pretty much anyone above greater deities might as well not be there, so far removed from everything else are they, so don't worry. But if you've ever wanted to punch Dragonlance in the face, or create a D&D character that can arm-wrestle Superman right before beating up the most insanely powerful things anime has to offer, or just want epic rules that kinda sorta make more sense than the ELH, the Immortal's Handbook is for you.

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