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Hey guys, updating my user page for the first time in a couple years (again). Anyway, if anyone sees this page, say hello! I'd like to know the wiki's people better. Here's some of my favorite contributions, check them out!

Battle Chemist: Basically a casting variant that uses science instead of magic. Took a lot of effort, still incomplete mixture list, but will be awesome, hopefully. Any contributions much appreciated.

Mechanus Knight: A nonmagical, steam powered behemoth, improving through innovations in their technology.

Want to be a rogue that coats the room with mirror images? Want to fight by tactically analyzing the room instead of going THOG SMASH? Want to impress the townsfolk with a huge, Good-aligned avatar of yourself floating above you? I'm your guy! Some of these are purely stats. If you have a request or an idea, drop it in discussion.

Entirely Complete:

Fury Mage: A gish that blends rage with close-combat casting.

Fate Weaver: A caster that draws from a tarot deck to augment casting with powers from the Deck of Many Things.

Butcher of Souls: A raging warrior that uses a blade forged from his soul and tempered with rage to defy mortality.

Statistically Complete:

Aligned Warrior: A holy warrior that uses alignment-based powers to augment his abilities.

Smiting Avenger (And it's Dragonfire Adept adaptation, Dragonfire Champion): A martial champion of the gods, focused around smiting.

Echo Warrior: An agile warrior, using residual images to assist him in combat.

Pyromaniac: A fire-based casting class, burning spells for fiery powers.

Calculated Warrior: A warrior that uses intellect and skill to fight with calculated precision.

Avenging Barbarian: A barbarian that uses vengeful fury to power his strikes. Not really polished or balanced.

Incarnator: A master of grafts, creating them and using related powers with unparalleled expertise.

Works in Progress:

Specialist: Don't feel like optimizing and/or breaking the game? Give melee nice things in a chosen specialty with this class!

Frost Knight: A gish glass that grants ice based martial benefits while advancing spellcasting.

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