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MissDirection's user page[edit]

Hello! I'm MissDirection, a long-time DM and TTRPG creator. I've been creating stuff for a long time and wanted to publish some of it online. I joined this site to archive my work in a place where they can be used by everyone, and to never be locked behind paywalls. I intend to release some of my work on the DM's Guild as well in the future, but in all honesty, I have no idea how long that'll take. I additionally made the decision to join this site keeping in mind its reputation for sub-par homebrew, and to help in assisting resolve that issue.


My twitch:

My twitter:

My tumblr:


If you want to reach out to me for help editing your official work, don't be afraid! I want to grow my experience, and edit (free of charge :) ) for other people! All I ask is some respect and to be given credit. In the case that you want to do so, you can reach out to me at or on twitter at

About Me[edit]

I am a transgender woman, and one who just wants to be respected. In older terms, I would be referred to as a Kitsune, a Witch, and a blasphemous... well I can't say that here. I live in Texas, and have for a long time. I play the bass and often compose music for it.

My Experience[edit]

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I have little formal experience, but am slowly fixing that. I act as an editor and a freelance writer in many online circles that I am in. I created and manage the Just Roll With It (Show) TvTropes pages. (It's a D&D podcast.)

My Contributions[edit]

I made my own campaign setting, and am slowly putting it on here for everyone to use. It can be found at Vesuix.

Bow of Bass (5e Equipment)

Carnage (5e Equipment)

Cactus Cat (5e Creature)

Cactus Kitten (5e Creature)

Church Grim (5e Creature)

Rablur Archer (5e Creature)

Rablur Officer (5e Creature)

Rablur Sand-Mage (5e Creature)

Rablur Soldier (5e Creature)

Rablur Tracker (5e Creature)

Sand-Beast (5e Creature)

Sand-boots (5e Equipment)

Orc, Vesuix (5e Race Variant)

My Edits[edit]

I intentionally have my edits separated from my contributions. They are as follows.

Arcane Assassin, Variant (5e Subclass)

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