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Air Sphere[edit]

Special: Your Fly speed improves by one maneuverability class and 10'. If already perfect, it improves by 20'. Fiend: You gain the (Air) Subtype and the above ability. If you have no Fly speed, you instead gain a Fly speed of 15' (Good).

Level Benefits
1 Expeditious Retreat (Also applies to Fly speed)
3 Wind Wall
5 Gaseous Form
7 Gust Of Wind, Quickened
9 Control Winds
11 Overland Flight
13 Summon Nature's Ally VII (Cast as an [Air] spell only)
15 Whirlwind
17 Telekinesis, Quickened (Violent Thrust only)
19 Summon Elemental Monolith (Cast as an [Air] spell only, no need to concentrate)(CArc)

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