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Ranged Weapon Preload[edit]

Note: this preload follows the standards set forth in Weapons Locker

<Weapon Name>[edit]

<Country> <Caliber> <Descriptor> <Type (Pistol/Rifle, etc)> (<Proficiency Type: Simple Weapon, Archaic Weapon, Personal Firearm, Cannon, Heavy Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Alien Weapon>)

<Text description of weapon>

d20 Modern Rules: <any applicable game rules>

Damage <number of dice>d<size of dice> Magazine <size> <type>
Critical <critical (e.g. "20" or "19-20/x3"> Size <size>
Damage Type <damage type> Weight <weight> lb.
Range Increment <range> ft. Purchase DC <number>
Rate of Fire <—, Single, S, A> Restriction <—, Lic (+1), Res (+2), Mil (+3), Ill (+4)>

Awesome Gun[edit]

American .45 caliber pistol (Personal Firearm)

The awesome gun is so awesome it's not even funny. It's made of good ol' American know-how and the tears of all the people who tried to stand against it.

d20 Modern Rules: The Awesome Gun is well made and counts as a mastercraft weapon, granting it +1 to attack rolls.

Damage 2d10 Magazine 6 cyl
Critical 20 Size Med
Damage Type Ballistic Weight 6 lb.
Range Increment 30 ft. Purchase DC 18
Rate of Fire S Restriction Lic (+1)
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