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About Me[edit]

Nicholas Green



Brown hair and Eyes

Current Adventuring Character[edit]

Name: Quarion Amakiir

Age: 18

Weight: 1148lbs

Height: 6'0"

Sex: Male

Race: Aasimar

Class: Ranger/Fighter 8

Hair: Long, wild and Brown

Eyes: Silver

Strength: 12

Dexterity: 20

Constitution: 18

Intelligence: 19

Wisdom: 14

Charisma: 22

Combliness 22

People Killed: about 10

Creatures Killed: about 30

Objects Killed: 1, technicality a mimic

Days Played: 30

I belong to a royal family and both of my parents were kidnapped early on. I am not crowned king because everyone is very sure that they are still alive somewhere. I have 2 older sisters but i only know where one of them is and i have sadly lost touch with the other one. My younger sister went insane because of the stress of losing our parents, but she is getting better, but it will take a long time or there return. I try to blend into the common folk to see how they live in compare to us, but i still keep my clothing, its much more comfortable. When i was 15 i met a great sage as he was passing through the royal city and i talk much with him and he greatly increased my knowledge and logic. I started off with my friends Ulfgar the dwarven Fighter, Ergellon the aquatic elf fighter and Shallas the aasimar shugenja shortly after my 18th birthday, leaving control of the kingdom in my older sisters hands. We met a wizard after learning about an oracle on the plane of sierra, on sierra island in the valley of dreams. The wizard gave my group a task to recover an amulet from somebody. He gave us a map to get there. After we got there, there were two goblins guarding a trapdoor, we easily carved through them. After we entered the trapdoor we were in a small room with a door. The door turned out to be a mimic in disguise and he almost killed Shallas after i stabilized him we took turns standing guard. On my fifth shift standing guard outside, a girallon attacked, and that is where it ended.

My Work[edit]

Currently in Production

Lords of Asylum (3.5e Campaign Setting)

Currently pending review

Dark Mithral (3.5e Mundane Material)

Feather Chain (3.5e Minor Magical Artifact)

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