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Feather Chain[edit]

This was the most deceptively named armor I had ever seen, it may have had feathers, but it wasn't the holy chain armor that we had heard of, it was evil, dark and twisted into a frightening shape. But even through the fear that we felt was immense I couldn't keep my eyes off of it's dark beauty. The air was cold, and it was chained to a wall, he also wore a spear through his head and it held its previous owner still trapped inside of it. His rotten eyes fixed upon us, watching us as we moved within his domain. Joslynn could feel the evil within this place. And then, as I approached the wall, where the man and my future prize lay. As I reached out for the chain, it got colder and it seemed to get darker as I got closer, but as I grabbed it. All of those feelings went away and I felt its real power, its dark corrupting power.
—Last excerpt from Adventuring Journal; Carl Far-Seeker, Human Paladin


The history of this mystical armour, confusingly named Feather Chain, is shrouded in a haze. It was developed by Lord Faytax who was the last known wielder of the chain; he forged it for the god Mobius. Upon realizing what he had created; this perfect melding of design, technique, and material, caused him to throw away his deal with the god taking the armour for himself. At this Mobius was outraged and sent all he could after him, but Lord Faytax was not so easily defeated. He held up in his large mountaintop castle; Wayward Keep. It was filled with deadly traps and monstrous mechanical creations. However Mobius was not deterred easily; it cost him a great amount of troops but he would not give up, he would reclaim what was his and kill Lord Faytax for betraying him. The final battle went down; Lord Faytax had exhausted all of Mobius's troop reserve so Mobius met him in his throne room, the battle was long because Lord Faytax had gained the favour of many a god in his time. Mobius left Lord Faytax with his creation, disgusted at the armour. The armour is now in the hands of Carl Far-Seeker, his mind corrupted by the evil and the power of the chain.


The Feather Chain is deceptively named. It was forged from mithral, crafted into a horrendously beautiful shape. It has intertwined Erinyes feathers and comes with a helm also crafted from mithral. The helm is awfully beautiful, the plume is made of erinyes feathers as well. It sends shivers through your body when you look at it, and it makes you want it; if you aren't strong enough to resist the effects of it.


Feather Chain is a +4 mithral chain shirt of heavy fortification.

In addition, the wearer permanently emits a 30' cone of fear. The save DC is Charisma based.

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