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Information about my Userpage![edit]


Hi There!!![edit]

Hi, my name is Dj00345. I have played most of the editions(1,2,3.5,4), but am used to playing 1st edition. I like to play AD&D 1e mostly. i wish they had a section for it on this wiki!!! I'm getting started on 3.5. Not as easy as I thought it would be. I will probably stick to 1st edition. I have currently finished creating a 2.5e Homebrew, On Green Dragon's permission, and he has finally put it up on the wiki on the main page. It is called "Acquired Advanced 2nd Edition". I like to be sneaky when I play, not nessarily meaning I play rogues. I like to play mages, priests and priestess, and on occasion rogue. My characters usually try to keep their identities a secret. I have been contributing to this website since December of 2010.


My Contributions[edit]

2.5e Homebrew

I have made many pages, and have adopted a few pages. I am working on many pages now. If any of the pages are red, then it means that I haven't gotten to them yet. Some of the pages are not completly finished because I am working on them now. I am also the creator of the 2.5e Homebrew, which I got permission from Green Dragon to make. I consider that being a personal achievement. The Sandbox link to all my contributions is listed below:


These are things that i am working on for the 2.5e homebrew that i am working on with Green Dragon.

My Sandboxes[edit]

If you look at my sandboxes, they might not be complete. That means that I am working on them, or are going to be filling them out soon!


About me[edit]

  • How long I have been playing D&D: 5 Years
  • Aliases include: Dj00345, Jack, Zar-Quan, Davvy the Red, and Verrel.
  • Current characters:
  • Zar-Quan (lvl 5 fighter, lvl 5 cleric)
  • Verrel (lvl 6 Mage, lvl 6 illusionist) retired
  • Jack (lvl 7 Mage)
  • Morianna (lvl 2 cleric, lvl 1 Mage)(Alu-demon)
  • Kamela (lvl 6 Mage, lvl 7 fighter)(female half-elf, Alu-demon/vampire.)("surprised, aren't you?").
  • Davlamin Chorster, (Lvl 12 Yeti Ranger)
  • Editions played: 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Just getting used to 3.5. I like AD&D 1st edition more!!
  • Likes: Gold, magic, MAGES, VAMPIRES, DEMONS, being Dm, MINDFLAYERS, LIZARDMEN, YETI's, and killing things.
  • Dislikes: bleeding, spiders, paladins, crusades, dying, and anything lawful.( especially Lawful stupid). :)
  • What I do here?: try to help people out, answer questions, and create pages for others to enjoy!
  • Goals: help out many people, and solve problems. Finish creating my Campaign Setting, Temple. And also finish creating the 2.5e Homebrew... Finished it!
  • To learn: learn more about 3.5e. Understand what most of the stuff on this wiki means.
  • Personal Achievements on this Wiki: Created the 2.5e Homebrew which was added to D&D Wiki for others to enjoy on 09/05/2011.
Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I proudly present Dj00345 with this barnstar in honor of his dedication towards creating and improving 2.5e content here on D&D wiki, one of the previously unrepresented editions of D&D on the site.   Hooper   talk    contribs    email   21:39, 5 September 2011 (MDT)

Contact Me[edit]

two ways...

  • 1st: comment on my talk page.
  • 2nd: if you don't get an answer within two days, send me an email,( with your email address, what page you have a problem with, your problem, and your user page name, I.e. Dj00345.) and I will send a email to you or will comment on your talk page ASAP. My email is .... Thank you and enjoy! :)
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