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My Characters[edit]

Currently Playing[edit]

You can find some info about my favourite characters below.

You may always ask me about my characters, I love talking about them!


Wir Wir[edit]

Name: Wir Wir, nicknamed "birb person" | Race: Kenku | Class: Ranger, Hunter Archetype | Background: Exiled Outcast | Alignment: Neutral |

Concept: My first character and thus not my greatest work. Wir Wir has left his flock in search of knowledge to help his family escape the life they are currently trapped in due Kenku's history.


Name: Teeki Krakenslayer | Race: Anuran_(5e_Race) | Class: Rogue, Assassin Archetype | Background: Exiled Outcast | Alignment: Neutral Good |

Concept: A small frog, exiled by her people for expressing new ideas. She now travels the world, seeking a place to call home.


Name: Ting | Race: Kenku | Class: Bard, College of Glamour | Background: Entertainer | Alignment: Chaotic Neutral |

Concept: Playing female twin Kenkus with my friend Mark. Our Kenkus Ting & Skraa hatched from the same egg /Yes, I am aware that this is pretty much impossible in the real world./ Skraa consumed most of the nutrients, leading to her being slightly larger and stronger than her smaller sister Ting. Their egg was stolen by a band of misfits who traveled around, entertaining crowds. Ting took mostly after her "mother", the leader of the gang. She learned the fine arts of entertainment - tarot cards, fortune telling, dancing and singing. While Skraa spent most of her time with their "father", becoming a trained pickpocket and if need be, killer. Having left their family to survive on their own as a rite of passage, they now travel the world as a scamming pair - A sweet little Kenku that captures the heart of the audience, whilst the other Kenku skulks around in the shadows, ready to capture the crowds coin purses.


Name: Muiri | Race: Celtic_Born_(5e_Race), Pict Warrior | Class: Barbarian | Background: / | Alignment: Neutral Good |

Concept: Mui'ri had never had anything in life - her mother died when she was born, consumed by a darkness that plagues Mui'ri. Her father locked her away because he believed she was cursed by the Gods. This changed when she met Dillion. During a quest to find herself and reconnect with her past, her village is sacked by Nordmen and Dillion is sacrificed to the Gods of the nordic pantheon. Mui'ri comes home to find her home in ashes and her lover dead. Mui'ri has actually appeared in several different campaigns both as a PC and an NPC.

Elizabeth "Liz" Cossack[edit]

Name: Liz | Race: Nephilim_(5e_Race) | Class: Pirate_(5e_Class) | Background: Disgrace | Alignment: Neutral Good, but has to pretend she is Chaotic Neutral. |

Concept: Liz is a Nephilim. An abomination in the eyes of the Celestials and hunted from the moment she was conceived. Her mother is dead, her father in hiding (presumably, if he isn't dead already.) She has spent years in the underbelly of society, hiding from those who wish to either kill or enslave her. Eventually she is picked up by a crew of pirates. By the time she is 50 (hasn't aged a day past ~25) she is captain of her own fleet of three ships.

Lady Orianna Quintillian[edit]

Name: Orianna | Race: Vampire_(5e_Race) Class: Pyromancer_(5e_Class) | Background: Noble | Alignment: Lawful Evil. |

Concept: Orianna was born a tiefling to human parents in a small village. As a child she was constantly picked on for her appearance, to the point where her mother would stop sewing her clothes back together after other children ripped them. She is adopted by a wandering vampire noble, who burns her entire village to the ground. He turns her into a vampire spawn and gives her a new purpose in life; live for the family.

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