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I'm a Dutch IT & Media student who joined my best friend, ConcealedLight, in editing a few pages on this wiki in January of 2018. I've picked up DMing in early January of 2019 by starting a West Marches campaign. Feel free to shoot me a message to join this campaign! My interests lie with fine tuning and expanding on both Homebrew and re imagined races, namely in the lore sections. (I like to fluff pretty bare-boned races up to something that allows both players and DMs to work with, basically.)

A few facts about me:

  • I have a pretty vast knowledge of animal anatomy and medicine (I am a former Veterinary Nurse/Technician) and I use this knowledge to further flesh out animal-based races with realistic traits.
  • My favourite race is the Kenku.
  • My first project on this Wiki was to rework the Anuran race lore-wise, as the race severely lacked structure and information for players and DMs to work with. ConcealedLight reworked the mechanics for this race.

Projects In-Progress[edit]

Things I have my eye on[edit]

The pages linked below are pages I like the idea of, but I feel they need either a small amount, or a major overhaul in one or more departments to make more sense.

The notes at the end provide you an insight into what exactly I am looking to change, just in case you were planning on doing that as well. They also serve as a quick note to myself - perhaps some ideas I had at the time of finding the page that I quickly jotted down before going to bed.

Past Projects[edit]


  • Alraune_(5e_Race) - This article was the first 5e homebrewed race to become Feature Article. I broke down the lore and rebuilt it from the ground up. Primary contributor to this article: ((User:ConcealedLight)
  • Celtic_Born_(5e_Race) - This article was nominated for FA. Received compliment: "This race is a neat alternative to the standard human with flavourful/ historically accurate lore that meshes well with the first party content."
Update: Celtic Born is officially a Feature Article.

My Characters[edit]

You can find information about my characters here.

Personal Projects[edit]

You can find personal projects here. This page includes NPCs, extra lore for races and WIPs. This link will be used once I have accumulated a large amount of personal projects.

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