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My 5e Work[edit]

Suggestions? Post them on my talk page [1] or send them via Discord ([2] - link to server; my name is Cohen.Dandwiki)


Elemental Consciousness - A hollow, humanoid shape filled with pure energy from one of the Elemental Planes. (Combines good with the Elemental Caster) TPT


Elemental Caster - A Spellcaster using the full power of the four elements. (Combines good with the Elemental Consciousness) TPT


Empowering Drink - A barbarian-only potion increasing STR and CON TPT
Hydrosion Grenade - A bottle filled with water under high-pressure. TPT
Sparking Guitar - A bard-only wondrous item to damage and deafen enemies. TPT


Alpha Radiation - 4th level Transmutation Spell TPT
Bèta Radiation - 4th level Evocation Spell TPT
Gamma Radiation - 8th level Evocation Spell TPT


Yuan-ti Leader - The leader of a Yuan-Ti pack. What else did you expect? PTi

Cooperating 5e Work[edit]

Cooperate with me: Feel free to ask anything on my Discord (in a PM): join and search for @Cohen.Dandwiki. Have fun!


Corpse Looter - Choose your own body parts! (Together with @Magierpichu, my best DnD friend) PTi


Discord is a free voice and text chat. There are some open (free to join) servers dedicated to DnD, like:
(None of them is mine. I don't have any public servers!)

Users I know[edit]

Magierpichu - My best DnD friend on Dandwiki!


TPT - To PlayTest
TTPT - Trying To PlayTest (If players choose it, of course)
PTi - PlayTesting
OP - OverPowered

Cohen (talk) 10:05, 21 October 2017 (MDT)

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