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<!--[[Category:NPC]]--> <!--[[Category:Miscellaneous Creature]]--> ==<!--Creature Name-->== {{5e Creature |size= |type= |swarm=<!-- optional, size of creatures in a swarm (e.g. Tiny)--> |race=<!--optional for humanoids, delete line otherwise--> |alignment= |ac= |armor=<!--natural armor, specific armor type, or delete line --> |hp= |hpdice= |speed= |str= |dex= |con= |int= |wis= |cha= |saves= |skills= |di=<!--Damage Immunities--> |ci=<!--Condition Immunities--> |dr=<!--Damage Resistances--> |dv=<!--Damage Vulnerabilities--> |senses=passive [[5e SRD:Perception Skill|Perception]] X |languages=— |cr= |xp= |features= '''''Feature Name.''''' Feature description <!--repeat as necessary--> |actions= <!--Use following example for formatting, repeat as necessary--> '''''Action Name.''' Melee Weapon Attack:'' +X to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. ''Hit:'' X (1dX + X) damtype damage. |reactions=<!--Delete if unused--> |legendary={{Legendary Actions|name=<!--creature name-->|actions=3}}<!--Delete if unused--> |description= <!-- CHOOSE ONE of the following image methods. Delete the other one. Delete this entire comment.--> [[File:<!--File name and extension-->|thumb|600px|<!--Image caption.-->]] {{5e Image|center|<!--Link to image-->|<!--Caption, art credit, link to source-->}} <!--Description of creature, tactics, lore, etc--> }}

  • A tiny lightning based creature that has amazing dex saving throws and high AC
  • Some kind of smaller bird creature
  • A mana/magic elemental
  • An undead bird/humanoid like Skeksis (5e Race)
  • A creature that is extremely tanky but deals little damage
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