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This page was proposed for speedy deletion on {{{1}}}

If it is obvious that this page should not be speedily deleted, please remove this template and replace it with {{abandoned}} or {{delete}} if necessary. If in doubt, change to {{delete}} and then begin a discussion whether changes made to this page are sufficient to warrant removal, or change, of this template.

Why is my article up for speedy deletion?

Please check the page history, and redirect anything that links here before applying the template, to streamline the process.

Administrators, remember to check if anything links here and the page history (last edit) before deleting

Speedy Deletion[edit]

This template is to be used for pages made accidentally, or pages that have no content. It may also be used on pages containing nothing but redirects. Some examples include:

  • Pages created by vandals or spammers, which had no prior content
  • Pages created in error
  • Double Redirects, for which all pages that point there have be re-redirected.
  • Single redirects created by page moves, as opposed to logically placed redirects.
  • Blank pages which have no edit history.
  • Test pages in the main namespace. (IE, not sandboxes under user names)
  • Pure vandalism and blatant hoaxes.
  • Re-creation of a page that was deleted per a deletion discussion.
  • Creations by (a) banned or blocked user(s).
  • Technical deletions.
  • Pages dependent on a non-existent or deleted page.
  • Unambiguous advertising or promotion.
  • Unambiguous copyright infringement.

This category should ideally be cleaned out every week. This template is not to be used for pages of low quality or questionable merit, in those cases please use {{delete}} or {{abandoned}}.

Procedure for adding this template to a page[edit]

  1. Check the page history, for recent edits or possible vandalism, to make sure this page in fact deserves deletion.
  2. Check if anything links here, and redirect pages as necessary.
  3. Apply {{Sdelete| ~~~~~}}
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