Urf-Dreed Ak-Di-Mar (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (greatsword), very rare (requires attunement)

A greatsword which has a seemingly living eye on the hilt or near the base of the blade. It is considered a great achievement to satisfy this intelligent sword's high expectations and to not be criticized for how it is used, for the strategy the wielder applies... or pretty much anything else.

Obsession Choose either history, persuasion or athletics. You must be proficient in the skill you choose. Your proficiency bonus is doubled as long as you are attuned to Urf-Dreed Ak-Di-Mar. If you are not proficient in one of these three skills, you gain proficiency in one of them instead.

Will to Strength While you are attuned to this sword, your Strength score increases by 2, to a maximum of 22.

Sentience. This sword allows anyone to wield it and is always lawful, only concering itself with the mastery of combat. This sword has an Intelligence score of 13, a Wisdom score of 8 and a Charisma score of 12. It can see through the eye at the hilt up to 120 feet. If the eye is damaged, but the blade is otherwise intact, the eye repairs itself within 1d6 hours. It has no special senses otherwise. It communicates telepathically with its wielder.
Personality. The sword will usually either criticize the wielder for how terrible they are or criticize the wielder to help them grow to be better, depending on its mood. It does not care whether its wielder lives or dies, only desiring to serve the strongest and best there is and improve them further. In combat, Urf-Dreed Ak-Di-Mar will nudge it's wielder into fighting what it considers the physically strongest enemy. If it is unclear which enemy is the strongest, then it will nudge it's wielder to just fight all of them. A conflict arises as soon as the wielder does not engage the strongest enemy or does not yield to it's criticisms. In a conflict, it usually tries to posses the wielder and achieve its will "for my wielder's own good".

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