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This build has three components:

 1. War Caster (Feat)
 2. Polearm Master (Feat)
 3. Repelling Blast (Eldritch Invocation)


War Caster: Allows you to cast spells instead of a melee attack for opportunity attacks

Polearm Master: When using a polearm, creatures provoke an opportunity attack from you when they enter the reach you have with the particular weapon

Repelling Blast: Eldritch Blast sends opponents 10ft backwards

In a game this looks like:

 1. Enemy comes within 10ft of you, provoking opportunity attack from you (Polearm Master)
 2. You use that opportunity attack to cast Eldritch Blast on the enemy (War Caster)
 3. Enemy is sent back 10ft (Repelling Blast)
 4. The enemy comes within 10ft of you once more, presumably to launch a melee attack at you
 5. Repeat steps 1-4
 6. Frustrated, the enemy gives up on attacking you and attacks someone else


 Human (Variant)
  * War Caster Feat
 Levels 1-4 in Warlock (Hexblade)
 Weapon: Glaive
 Pact of the Blade
 Invocations: Repelling Blast, Improved Pact Weapon

In Reality[edit]

Any DM in their right mind should not find this to be an acceptable use of Polearm Master and War Caster. Opportunity attacks triggered by Polearm Master should be melee polearm attacks. This build only exists to illustrate what one 'could' do, not what one 'should' do.

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