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Undead Combat Shovel: The smell of death and decay hangs around this black dirt and mud covered shovel

This weapon functions as a +1 Undead Bane Combat Shovel v2. In addition, 1/Day the wielder can summon an undead minion as the Summon Undead I spell. The undead creature lasts for 5 rounds.

Lore:This weapon was found in the hands of a necromancer who used it to dig up corpses to animate. The shovel fused with a bit of the dark magic used in animating, and became able to summon an undead minion. The same dark energy courses through the spade, allowing it to disrupt the force that holds undead together, killing them faster.

Moderate; (DC 18) Conjuration;CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Summon Undead I (Spell Compendium); Cost 4,500gp (plus 310 for Masterwork Combat Shovel), 360 XP, 9 Days; Activation: Standard; Weight: 9 lb.; Market Price: 9,310 gp

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