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Umbra Witch[edit]


"Umbra Witches - controllers of the dark power. The ways of their discipline were quite varied - breathing, movement, medicine, and tactics were joined in the Middle Ages by training in the operation of heavy weapons, culminating in a curriculum whose total breadth and intensity are hard to ascertain. Those with the power could become Witches despite being of low birth, and those without the power would be forced into secular life, regardless of any blood-ties to a Witch clan." - Antonio Redgrave

Umbra Witch[edit]

The umbra witches are a clan of European dark art practitioners from ancient times. Their affinity is to Inferno, darkness, and the moon. Making pacts with demons to possess their extraordinary abilities, the umbra witches are fluent in using the Bullet Arts as a fighting technique and in the use of abilities such as Witch Time.

Through the harnessing of Spirit Energy, Umbra Witches are practitioners of magic revolving around the influence of the moon and the evocation of beings from Inferno. While well versed in the supernatural and metaphysical arts, they are also keen in the arts of alchemy, chemistry, acrobatics, firearms training, medicine, anatomical health, and various sciences and technological prowess of many sorts, to temper and refine their body and soul in the process of handling the powerful forms of magic that they would come to wield. The umbra witches are an all-female clan of witches as per namesake; their ranks included only those who could harness spirit energy by birth and those who were strong enough to survive their brutal courses of training and study. Children born in the witches' homeland of Crescent Valley were taught the workings of Spirit Energy from a young age, and would thus manifest abilities--if they had them--at an earlier age than children born elsewhere, although what constitutes an "earlier" age is unspecified. Upon becoming a woman, a trainee would take the "Witchly Vows" and become a full-fledged umbra witch, although some candidates of particular skill and achievement were permitted to take their vows much earlier.

To gain their power, all Umbra Witches are required to make a pact with an infernal demoness to sponsor them and allow them to improve their power which allows them to summon the limbs of their sponsor to attack their enemies. The witch's shadow is then replaced by the demon's silhouette to represent this pact. When the witch dies, her soul goes directly to Inferno as part of their contract. Besides their sponsor, umbra witches may also summon other demons from Inferno by using a medium such as their hair and chanting a magic spell. It would seem that these chants, spoken in Enochian, are unique from witch to witch; they might be granted by the sponsoring demon, or they might be an invention of the witch herself.

The umbra witch's special ability called Witch Time allows them to slow down time for everyone except other umbra witches. Witches usually activate this ability in beneficial moments like after dodging an enemy attack. They can also use something called Witch Walk whenever the moon casts its glow, allowing them to defy gravity and walk on any vertical or horizontal surface. According to Antonio's Notes, it was said that these powers were obtained from their demons instead of the moon itself. Witches are also able to use the Beast Within that allows them to transform into different animals such as felines and birds. Because of their knowledge of the Bullet Arts, Witches possess great weapon knowledge that allows them to master any that they pick up. Their supernatural connections to the underworld also give them incredible strength, acrobatic skills, and lightning-fast reflexes. Umbra witches are also well versed in herbology and can concoct items that can heal them, increase their strength and magic power, etc.

Creating an Umbra Witch[edit]

The classic appearance of a full-fledged Umbra Witch.

The witches generally fall under the chaotic alignment. Umbra witches are never lawful. This class is exclusive to female characters only. Witches are either born or chosen, it is determined by their ability to control spirit energy or possess magic. When creating an umbra witch, you must consider your backstory on how you became a witch and your resolve as an individual. What do you believe in? What do you fight for? Do you use your mastery of the dark arts to maintain balance in the world? Or do you use your powers for personal gain? Do you live by the old word of the witches? Or perhaps you prefer to follow the ways of the new world?

The Umbra was a society with strict laws regarding contact with all non-witches (from their clan), demanding that their magical arts be kept with the utmost secrecy. Therefore, you are bounded by clan laws to never disclose the techniques you have learned. Every umbra witch abides by this law and respects clan tradition regardless of their chaotic alignment.

Due to the pact with your Madama, you are required to eliminate holy creatures as part of the contract. Your character must eliminate at least three (3) holy creatures every three-day interval to remedy Inferno's thirst for divine blood. If you are unable to meet this requirement, you are inflicted with your Madama's essence and take twice the damage.

Quick Build

You can make an umbra witch quickly by following these suggestions. First, Charisma should be your highest ability score, followed by Constitution. Second, choose the Student of Magic background. Third, choose herbalism kit.

Class Features

As a Umbra Witch you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Umbra Witch level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Umbra Witch level after 1st


Armor: N/A
Weapons: All normal simple and martial weapons, Infernal weapons
Tools: Herbalism Kit, Alchemist's Tools
Saving Throws: Charisma and Constitution
Skills: Choose four (4) skills from Deception, Intimidation, Persuasion, History, Arcana, Performance, and Religion


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) 4 Infernal Handguns { 1d6 per gun does necrotic) or (b) 1 Infernal Weapon {One or Two-handed} and 2 Infernal Handguns {For your legs}
  • (a) Herbalism Kit or (b) Alchemist's Tools
  • Witch Clock
  • 3 Green Herb Lollipop or (c)

** The Witch Clock grants you eternal youth and aids in your ability to use Witch Time. You must always keep it in your possession. This is considered a witch's treasure.
**The stats of your Infernal weapons are the same as their normal counterparts except that they deal necrotic damage due to them being of Hellish origins.

Table: The Umbra Witch

Level Proficiency
1st +2 Witch Time , Inhuman Constitution, Bullet Arts, Madama Pact
2nd +2 Witchly Vows
3rd +2 Beast Within
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, Madama Essence
5th +3 Stylish & Classy, Witch Walk
6th +3 Magic Affinity
7th +3 Witch Time, Infernal Devices
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement, Witchly Vows
9th +4 Wicked Weaves
10th +4 Madama Essence
11th +4 Magic Affinity
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 Madama's Blessing
14th +5 Wicked Weaves
15th +5 Witchly Vows
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 Infernal Devices
18th +6 Madama Essence
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement, Madama's Wrath
20th +6 Witchly Vows

Witch Time[edit]

At 1st level, through your mastery of the Dark Arts, you are capable of slowing down time to narrowly avoid danger. Three (3) per short rest, as a reaction, you can use a d12 + half of umbra witch level to reduce incoming damage and the difference is instead inflicted on your opponent. At level seven (7), if you reduce the damage to 0 you can make attack action instantly.

Bullet Arts[edit]

Because of their knowledge of Bullet Arts, Witches possess great weapon knowledge that allows them to master any that they pick up.

  • You gain proficiency with any simple or martial weapon that you use. However, bullet arts does not apply to weapons that are enchanted, element-infused, or holy.

** Umbra Witches use arcane ammunition. They have unlimited ammunition for firearms or ranged weapons. ** Umbra Witches will always use their infernal handguns/weapons. They will never replace these weapons for another. As a witch, you can temporarily use a different weapon in an encounter, but this will only last until the battle is over.

Madama Pact[edit]

At the first level, as part of your perks as an Umbra Witch, you are entitled to a Witchly Vow with a Demoness from Inferno. Through this pact, not only will you gain the power and special perks of your Madama, but you will be able to call upon the Madama to aid you in battle. For this class, you can choose one Madama to surrender your vows to. Once the pact has been made, your shadow will now be replaced by the Madama's silhouette.

Madama Butterfly "Mistress of Atrocity"
- Upon choosing the Butterfly as your sponsor, her power leaks out of Inferno in the form of black swallowtail butterflies. You gain affinity to poison and can inflict poison damage to your enemies. Also, you gain an advantage to Wisdom & Intelligence rolls and are resistant to poison.
Madama Styx "Queen of River Styx"
- Upon choosing the Moth as your sponsor, her power leaks out of Inferno in the form of red moths. You gain affinity to fire and can inflict fire damage to your enemies. Also, you gain resistance to fire plus resistance to sleep, and charm.
Madama Khepri "Goddess of Inferno"
- Upon choosing the Beetle as your sponsor, her power leaks out of Inferno in the form of green scarab beetles. You gain affinity to cold and can inflict cold damage to your enemies. Also, you gain resistance to cold and can use your Witch Time four (4) times a day instead of three.
  • Umbra Witch spell save dc is 8 + prof + CHA

    Inhuman Constitution[edit]

    At 1st level, the vow made between a witch and her sponsor grants the umbra witch inhuman survivability that allows her to survive almost anything thrown at her.

    While unarmored, your AC is 10 + Dex and Cha mod, and you gain 1 hit point per Umbra Witch lv every time you lv up
  • Witchly Vows[edit]

    At the 2nd level, through special training and the natural affinity to magic combat, umbra witches can unleash a barrage of blows in quick succession. As a witch, you can choose to attack using either your hands, feet, or firearms. you may use your bonus action to shoot.

    At 2nd level, you can use this to attack twice. At the 8th, 15th, and 20th level, this increase to 3, 4, and 5 attacks, respectively.

  • if all 2 attacks hit, the target has to make a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC to avoid getting knocked back and become prone.
  • At 8th level, if 3 attacks hit you regain the use of your witch time if used and the target has a disadvantage on Constitution saves
  • At 15th level if 4 attacks hit, summon an Infernal Torture Device for free.
  • At 20th level, if all five hits, 3 attacks are critical and you add your umbra witch level as damage.

    Ability Score Increase[edit]

    When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

    Beast Within[edit]

    At 3rd level, Using the secret arts of the Witches, you are able to use a special magic technique that allows you to transform into three (3) beasts suited for the environment. you can use a bonus action to transform, The transformation lasts for a (1) minute or until the user dispels it. While transformed, the witch cannot attack in these forms

    • Land: Your movement speed is increased to 60 ft and you gain advantage to Dexterity saving throws, and does not invoke attack of opportunity.
    • Air: You gain flying speed of 40 ft.
    • Water: You gain 50 ft swimming speed, can breathe underwater and can occupy an occupied space.

    Madama Butterfly
    ● Land: Panther
    ● Air: Crow
    ● Water: Snake
    Madama Styx
    ● Land: Lynx
    ● Air: Owl
    ● Water: Centipede
    Madama Khepri
    ● Land: Tiger
    ● Air: Falcon
    ● Water: Cobra

    Madama Essence[edit]

    Upon completing your Witchly Vows, you emit your Madama's power from within.

      Madama Butterfly "Mistress of Atrocity"
    • In an area of 20 ft around your initial location when you release the spell, all creatures must make a DC 15 Con save as long as they are within the radius, if they fail they are now poisoned, have a disadvantage on the next Constitution saving throw, and take 1d8 poison damage every turn. Every turn the radius enlarges by 10 ft until 60 ft.
    • At level ten (10), the effect intensifies, add Charisma modifier to base the base DC.
    • At level eighteen (18), the effect reaches its pinnacle, everything under 30 ft of you is instantly poisoned, become prone, and you add your Charisma modifier to the poison damage.

    • Madama Styx "Queen of River Styx"
    • In an area of 20 ft around your initial location when you release the spell, all creatures must make a DC 15 Con save as long as they are within the radius, if they fail they are now ignited, have a disadvantage on the next Constitution saving throw, and take 1d6 fire damage every turn. Every turn the radius enlarges by 10 ft until 60 ft.
    • At level ten (10), the effect intensifies, the target takes 2d6 fire damage every turn OR you can now release a charm spell, all-male humanoid creatures that see you must make a DC 15 + Charisma modifier Wisdom saving throw every turn. If they fail, they are charmed and under your control. You can command them to do one (1) action and move them 30ft.
    • At level eighteen (18), the effect reaches its pinnacle, everything under 30 ft of you is instantly ignited and you add your Charisma modifier to the fire damage. Alternatively, all-male humanoid creatures that see you are instantly charmed and has a disadvantage on every Wisdom saving throw each turn.
    • You must choose only one (1) between the two. It's either you use fire or use charm. You cannot use both at the same time.

      Madama Khepri "Goddess of Inferno"
    • In an area of 20 ft around your initial location when you release the spell, all creatures must make a DC 15 Con save as long as they are within the radius, if they fail they are now frozen (petrified), have disadvantage on the next Constitution saving throw, and take 1d8 cold damage every turn. The creature is incapacitated, attack rolls have an advantage on it, and they automatically fail all Strength and Dexterity saving throws. Every turn the radius enlarges by 10 ft until 60 ft.
    • At level ten (10), the effect intensifies, add Charisma modifier to base the base DC.
    • At level eighteen (18), the effect reaches its pinnacle, everything under 30 ft of you is instantly frozen and you add your Charisma modifier to the cold damage.

    Stylish & Classy[edit]

    Besides their otherworldly power, Umbra Witches are notorious for their overwhelming beauty both in and out of battle.

    • Add +2 to your Charisma.
    • Your Charisma can now be maxed to 24 instead of 20.

    Witch Walk[edit]

    At the 5th level, Using the power of the moon, you can defy gravity and walk on any surface. One (1) per long rest, you can use Witch Walk to scale on any vertical or horizontal surface. However, enemies gain an advantage on attack rolls if you use this ability during battle. (This is counted as an action during battle) If the attack hits, you must make a Constitution saving throw of DC 15 or be knocked off from the surface you're standing on.

    Magic Affinity[edit]

    The Umbra Witch uses her studies on magic and arcana to save herself from danger.

    • Advantage on all save involving, being charmed, stunned, or sleep.
    • At the 11th level, you have immunity to being charmed.

    Infernal Devices[edit]

    Harnessing the infernal power of your Madama, you can summon a medieval torture device to aid you in battle.

    • Critical roll is now 19 to 20. If the witch lands a critical, you can summon a Torture Device of hellish origins. Roll a 1d4 to know which Torture Device is summoned. Targets must succeed a Constitution saving throw of DC 10 + Proficiency modifier + Charisma modifier, or take half damage.
    • At level seventeen (17), the dice becomes a 1d6.

      1 Iron Maiden
    • Target gets enclosed in a steel coffin layered in nails, takes 4d12 piercing damage + Madama Essence (element) damage.
      2 Guillotine
    • Target is restrained, positioned on a guillotine, and has their head sliced off, takes 8d6 slashing damage, plus small to medium targets must roll a 1d20, if the roll lands on a twenty (20) or a one (1) and the target has lower than half of its life, the target instantly dies.
      3 Judas' Horse
    • The target is restrained and pushed against a wooden horse with spikes on its back, takes 4d12 piercing damage + halved movement speed.
      4 Spiked Cage
    • Target is trapped between the bars of the cage and is whipped inside with a 3-headed whip. After a final strike, the door seals behind the enemy and a spiked plate descends and crushes the target, takes 4d12 piercing damage + stunned for 2 turns.
      5 The Rack
    • Target is grabbed by the top and bottom and the device twists and pulls at the target's body until it is violently torn in two, takes 5d10 force damage + Madama Essence (element) damage.
      6 Hydra
    • Hydra appears and entangles the target with its numerous tentacle heads, the demon's limbs sticking out of the mass. Target is then slowly squeezed by Hydra's heads until its limbs are torn off of his body, takes 8d10 bludgeoning damage.

    Wicked Weave[edit]

    Two (2) times per long rest, the witch can summon the Madama's limbs to tear apart enemies within her sight.

    • You summon a foot or arm of the Madama and attack a 20 ft radius within 60 ft of you. All creatures must make a Dexterity saving throw of DC 10 + Charisma modifier or take 5d10 bludgeoning damage. Targets who fail the save are now grappled until your next turn.
    • At 14th level, grappled targets takes one more damage die to the Madama Essence effect.

    Madama's Blessing[edit]

    The Umbra Witch gains affinity with her sponsor.

    • You now have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage to nonmagical attacks.

    Madama's Wrath[edit]

    The Umbra Witch calls forth the aid of her Infernal sponsor. She summons the Madama in all her glory to the mortal realm.

    • You can now summon your Madama. This lasts for one (1) minute. The Madama makes her own initiative roll after being summoned. While the Madama remains on the field, you have advantage on all attack rolls. In addition, the Madama casts fear upon her summoning and all creatures within 60 ft of her are permanently feared. All creatures must make a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw every turn in order to break free from this condition.
      Madama Stats:
    • AC 20
    • Health = 20d12
    • Uses hands and feet to attack, each deals 2d10 damage in a 10ft radius within 60 ft.
    • Can attack twice.
    • Can use Eldritch Blast.


    Multiclassing is unavailable for this class.

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