Ultra Greatsword (5e Equipment)

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Ultra Greatsword

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Ultra Greatsword 800 gp 3d8 slashing 70 lb. Heavy, special, two-handed, unwieldy

Ultra greatswords are edged weapons of such absurd size and weight that most mortal men could never hope to wield them. These blades are nearly a foot wide and are longer than most humans are tall.

Expensive. An ultra greatsword is a big investment of cash, much like a suit of full plate. As such, a character can never gain this weapon as starting equipment from their class.

Extra large. Ultra greatswords are huge: several times bigger than a man of small stature. As such, creatures of size Small or smaller can't wield ultra greatswords.

Weighty. Because ultra greatswords are so heavy, you have disadvantage on attack rolls made with an ultra greatsword unless you have a Strength score of 19 or higher.

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