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Turning Undead Variant: Planar Turning

Instead of channeling energy to turn or rebuke undead, with this variant a cleric can channel energy to banish outsiders.

Make a turning check as normal. The result indicates the most powerful outsider affected (treat an outsider as aving Hit Dice equal to its Hit Dice + its Cha modifier, if any). If the roll is high enough to let the cleric affect at least some outsiders within 60 feet, roll 2d6 + cleric's class level + cleric's Cha modifier for turning damage. That's how many total Hit Dice of outsiders the cleric affects.

Any outsider affected by the turning attempt is banished back to its home plane. (If it is already on its home plane, there is no effect.) Even if it has the ability to travel between planes, it cannot do so for 10 rounds (1 minute). If the cleric has twice as many levels (or more) as the outsider has effective Hit Dice, he destroys any outsiders tat he would normally banish.

If the cleric would normally turn or destroy undead, he has the ability to banish or destroy evil outsiders (that is, outsiders with the evil subtype). Characters who would normally rebuke or command undead instead gain the ability to banish or destroy good outsiders. As an additional option, the DM might allow clerics worshipping a lawful deity to banish or destroy chaotic outsiders, while characters worshipping a chaotic deity could banish or destroy lawful outsiders. This ability would replace the ability to banish or destroy good or evil outsiders.

If you use this variant, consider allowing clerics who can turn or rebuke elementals (that is, clerics with access to the Air, Earth, Fire, or Water domains) to instead banish elementals of the same element and banish or destroy elements of the opposing element.

This variant is otherwise identical to turning undead, including limits of daily uses and feats that enhance a cleric's turning ability.

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