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Monk Variant: Fighting Styles

In literature and lore, the combat styles and aptitudes of a monk depend greatly on where (or by whom) she was trained. The standard monk, however, presents only a relatively limited variety of options to personalize your monk.

A 1st-level monk (regardless of character level) may select one of the fighting styles described below. By selecting one of these fighting styles, she dictates which bonus feats she gains at 1st, 2nd, and 6th level (when a standard monk normally gains one of two bonus feats). In addition, at 1st level she gets a +2 bonus on checks involving a skill of her selection (in exchange for the freedom of choice she gives up by preselecting her bonus feats). Finally, she gains a bonus ability at 6th level if she has met the listed prerequisites by that time. If the character hasn't yet met the prerequisites, she doesn't gain the bonus ability, even if she meets the prerequisites at some later time.

These fighting styles serve a variety of purposes in a campaign. Each one might symbolize a different monastery, creating a rivalry (friendly or unfriendly) between their students. Perhaps a specific master teaches each style only to a few select students, meaning that a monk must prove herself worthy before pursuing the training. Or maybe each monk simply chooses her own way in life, styling herself after great martial artists of the past.

A monk can abandon her fighting style by selecting a different bonus feat at 2nd or 6th level; however, if she does so, she loses the bonus on skill checks gained at 1st level and never gains the bonus ability of the fighting style (even if she meets the prerequisites).

Cobra Strike
Denying Stance
Hand and Foot
Invisible Eye
Overwhelming Attack
Passive Way
Sleeping Tiger
Undying Way

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