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Wand, legendary (requires attunement)

This beautiful, ornate wand appears as 5 smooth different connected tubes, the first of diamond, the second of amethyst, the third of ruby, the fourth of sapphire, and the fifth of emerald. When a spellcasting creature touches the wand, its appearance changes to reflect the tastes of the wielder. It has appeared as big as a rainbow-colored umbrella, and as small as a reed that could fit into the palm of a large hand, and many things in between. While a new wielder will change the appearance of the wand again, the appearance to each creature that wields it is unique, and doesn't change (To clarify: If someone else uses the wand, it'll revert back to what the wielder originally had if they pick it back up later.). This wand can be used as an arcane focus.

If you can cast spells with an arcane focus and use this wand for your spells, your spells require no material components that cost less than 1000 GP. Additionally, when you cast a spell using this wand as your arcane focus, roll an ability check with your spellcasting ability score. If you roll higher than 11 + the spell's level, you cast the spell without using a spellslot. This fails if you have no spellslots remaining of the spell's level and therefore couldn't cast without succeeding.

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