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True Death: The devout priest Father Seffron was once a man of virtue, a leader of his congregation and a trusted man. He followed a simple life, devoting his time to study and meditation and denying himself the simplest of man’s pleasures. Few were the times that he spoke to anyone, save for his weekly sermon in front of a rapt parish.

After years of self-depriving service to his faith, Seffron became obsessed with spreading what he called the “True Word”. His sermons became wrathful and abusive; he chastised his fellow parishioners for straying from the path of redemption and accused them of living lives of sin. He knew he had to save them from their destructive ways, and so he set out to cleanse them of their transgressions and put their souls to rest at last.

Enthralled by visions of salvation, Seffron was drawn into madness. It poisoned his mind with thoughts of terrible vengeance and mindless slaughter. In his mind he saw a glorious weapon, one from which sin could not escape. He fashioned the shaft of the weapon from the heart of a dying oak infested with disease, choosing a palette of pestilence as the base for his grand design. At the end of the warped, rotted shaft he placed the curved blade of a broken tilling tool. Once used to sow fields of wheat, it would now become an instrument of deliverance.

After weeks of preparation, Father Seffron was ready for his final sermon. As his congregation waited patiently in the tabernacle, he silently barred the doors and then cut a swath of destruction through his parishioners, delivering them all into the waiting arms of death. He then vanished into the hills and has not been seen since.

It is said that whenever this +1 mighty cleaving unholy scythe takes a life, the bearer shares the pain of its victim’s final moments. A few say that a creature killed by the scythe cannot be resurrected by any means. Neither rumor has been verified.

CL 8th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Divine Power, Unholy Blight, creator must be evil; Cost 16,318 gp + 1,280 XP; Market Price: 32,318 gp

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