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Extremely territorial enemies of the Truikani, the Truankia are the serpentine feline humanoids that roam the jungles of the Eastern Plains. These vicious creatures are not to be tampered with.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'7"-7'1"
Average Weight: 110-220 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common, Truankia, Truikani
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Heal
Balancing Tail: You gain a +2 bonus to Athletics checks to jump and climb.
Heightened Senses: You gain a +3 bonus to Initiative.
Poison Resistance: You gain resist 1 to poison damage. This bonus increases to resist 5 at 11th level, and resist 10 at 21st.
Truankian Weapon Proficiency: You gain proficiency with the longbow, the shortbow, and the falchion.
Slashing Claws: You gain the Claw Fighter feat.
Purge Poison: You can use Purge Poison as an At-Will power.

Purge Poison Truankia Racial Power
You utilize the reptilian blood in you as an antitoxin and you feel the power of your race purge the poison from your system.
Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: You are hit by a power that deals ongoing poison damage.
Effect: You immediately make a saving throw against the ongoing damage. If you fail this saving throw, you take ongoing damage as normal.

Like their rival and possibly mortal enemy, the truankia are a bunch of beastly creatures that reside within the jungles of the Eastern Plains. Where the truikani are peaceful, the truankia are belligerent. They hold a firm belief that their natural weapons were a gift for a reason, and that is to uphold the natural laws of survival. As such, they look with disdain at the docile lives of their hated neighbors, and abhor sharing the same habitat as they. While humans have also intruded upon their territory, they have adapted much more gruesome methods against invasions that deter encroachment. Where the truikani are passive, the truankia are absolutely difficult creatures.

Play an Truankia if you want...

  • To be strong, inteligent, and agile
  • To play a vicious and territorial race that most other races steer clear of
  • To be a mixture of serpent, feline, and human
  • To be a part of a race that favors the fighter, druid and ranger classes

Physical Qualities[edit]

Truankia, with their powerful builds, rippling with muscles and covered in scales, are a sight to see. They have eyes that tend to lean more towards a serpents or feline eyes rather than human, with a slit pupil and large iris. Their forked tongues are long and rough. They have furry faces like that of a cat, but with snouts like a snake, and scales covering swaths around their bodies, particularly the lower region. Their furs can range in color from tabby to that of a tiger's pelt. They are extremely agile and fierce, having earned their savage reputation. Very few let go of their savagery and attempt to be civil. The prehensile tails aid them when leaping through the giant trees they call home.

Playing an Truankia[edit]

The tribes of truankia are very suspicious of outsiders. They are not even really nice to one another. In their society, it is ingrained into each of their minds at a young age that only the strongest have rights and survive. The weak and docile are to be consumed for they are a waste of space. As such, most truankia grow up fighting even siblings to claw their way to the top of their vicious societal ladder, where strength and guile win over compassion and camaraderie. The strongest truankia is the leader chief, and even they must be forever vigilant of usurpers to come. The law of the jungle is to eat, or be eaten. This infighting is often viewed to be a great weakness of the truankia, as it distracts them from other issues facing their race, like human conquerors on the horizon. However, in truth, the truankia sharpen their senses daily this way, and will always drop their silly spats to unite when the chips are down.

When in battle, truankia are merciless. Their intelligence allows them to fluidly adapt new tactics based on the situation, and their battle-ready bodies are always keen and ready to strike. Their organized armies act selfishly, like schools of fish. Due to most of them therefore having the same idea, it seems like they all coordinate extraordinarily well. Woe be to the truankia who stumbles into the way of another. If there's one thing truankia hate, it's when things don't go their way. They are liable to be savage beasts with a penchant for holding grudges, even against allies. This manifests in rather petty microaggressions against the offender. But truankia are always observant and tolerant of those whom they believe to trust. This is always something viable to change, however.

Truankia Characteristics: Fast, agile, suspicious, wary, territorial, savage, aggressive

Male Names: Etlastone, Zhosea, Shitzlosha, Itsleshore, Inaship

Female Names: Mitshen, Sulhobrick, Zsoabit, Thoaradise, Shesstcoil

Truankia Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Truankia adventurers are described below.

Ulheart is a ferocious truankia ranger who stalks the jungles as a head hunter. He doesn't hunt bounties for money, but rather for prestige to show his might and wit. He aims mainly for the heads of the foolish truikani, who are like game to him. However, he also has a taste for human blood, seeing them as an obstacle to be removed to prove himself to his tribe. He spends a lot of time watching his surroundings for prey, and has ventured even outside his normal hunting area in the forests to seek an ever greater challenge.

Hezwing is a truankia druid who fled her tribe after her renouncement of their violent ways. She had once spared the life of a truikani, who she believes showed her the true way of life through the voice of nature. As such, she grew reclusive of her race's ways and began to practice druidry, finding that she had a talent for utilizing the forces of nature. Now on the run, she hopes that her tribe will one day find it in their hearts to see as she saw: They were capable of more than bestial nature's law.

Mahshoe is a truankia fighter who values nothing more than a good, fine battle. He has honed his mind and body battling his brothers since he was but the runt of the litter. After having killed his first truikani, he felt unsatisfied. How could such a docile creature be proof of his prowess? He needed greater stimulation. When a human kingdom's armies threatened to march through his village, he felt not fear, but inspiration from a worthy foe. He commandeered the fight after his superior was felled and helped drive the human forces back. Since then, he seeks yet the same sort of thrill. In search of this, he left his village, not content to rest on his laurels.

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