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An overview of the most important events that have befallen the world.

Year Event
0 In a cataclysmic battle, the twelve champions overthrow the titans, and establish the first nations, marking the start of the Teregian calendar.
1 The elven sorcerer and champion Melwynaic, slays the king of the iron giants, driving them from their ancestral holds. Within the mighty halls, he establishes the realm of Conrani, named in remembrance of his favorite concubine.
3 Human champions Atifeh, Lena and Erding, squabble over the direction of their realms, resulting in Erding and Atifeh traveling south and east respectively. With no one to contest her power, Lena establishes a military dictatorship, naming it Stratos.
4 Tired of the social nature of his kin, the gnomish champion wizard Archibald Rumblebottom, rows to a remote island, to study magic in peace.
8 The elven champion druidess Tamara's dissatisfaction with Melwyniac's cruelty reaches a boiling point, after he cooks her favorite bird into an appetizer. The ensuing clash sees Melwyniac dead, and in the chaos, Tamara flees with her followers.
11 Halfling champion Withnoth, chokes to dead from overeating, leaving his realm without a successor.
12 Lizardfolk champion Ahmayel, finds an ancient blade, which he claims speaks to him with the will of the gods. He travels to the fabled godlands in the east, never to be seen again.
16 Archibald Rumblebottom, unable to escape his kin's plea for leadership, opens a one-way portal to an unknown plane, and jumps through it, leaving his people leaderless once more.
17 After drinking a particularly bad tankard of orcish beer, the insulted dwarven traders come into to conflict with a local orc local tribe. The ensuing duel, sees Orcish champion Khoukr slaying the dwarven champion Alrun Whitemaker, before he succumbs to his wounds.
18 Human champion Ketilríthr, goes on a hunt for the great white stag. After months of waiting, and searching for him, he is presumed to have disappeared and died in the wilderness.
25 Human champion Monk Yondai Xian, takes his followers through a planar gate, and attacks the gods themselves, armed with strange unholy devices. His attack is easily thwarted, and for his ultimate blasphemy Yondai is cast into the far lands. His followers are cursed for their fiendish allegiance, and end up looking like fiends, forever after being known as tieflings.
140 Tamara dies in bed from a wasting illness, as the last of the twelve champions.
140-2500 The Dark Age: Very little information can be found from this period, as the realm squabble from infighting, and wasteful wars. Many of the old nations are destroyed during this time, and new realms rise from their ashes.
2504 The mighty paladin Carrick, though a use efficient diplomacy and brilliant military tactics, unites much of the Scorne Isles, establishing the greatest kingdom seen in ages. He names it Carrickdon
2600 Discontent with the inefficiency and corruption present in Stratos, the province of Xanthos finally declares independence. When stratosi armies approach to restore order, they are driven back by armies of demons.
2812 An orc incursion into dwarven lands, unites the disparate holds into a single army, and the orcs are relentlessly driven back. Outraged that dwarfs can defeat them in combat, and pleased to have found a powerful foe to test them, the orcs refuse any peace terms, and vow not to stop until every dwarven hold lies in ruin. The ensuing conflict becomes known as the War of Ages.
2999 Armies of xanthosi hoplites supported by demonic allies, march in and utterly destroy the halfling kingdoms of Farnsland and Gobbledunk. To save his people, King Henry Henryson of Coteland, submits to becoming a tributary state. Others flee into the wilds, to avoid destruction.
3250 The Knights of The Golden Order, purge the demons from Xanthos, and burns their warlock leaders on the stake. Refusing to lead themselves, saying that they're just doing their job, the people of the nation establish a republic.
3578 The young heirless King Hazam of Yazdanâ dies in a mysterious accident, after the roadside inn he slept in, spontaneously combusted. This power vacuum, leaves the petty kingdom of Heydarân as the most powerful of all the eastern realms. They make plans for an expansionist imperial state, dreaming of world conquest.
3820 King Torebas of Heydarân subjugates the last independent cities on the corsair coast, leaving his rule of the east undisputed. In a grand ceremony, never since equaled, he is crowned Emperor of The East, and vows to end human suffering and infighting, by bringing all under one banner.
3821 Emperor Torebas the Great falls of the rampart of his favorite castle, leaving his young niece Jasmina as the new Empress. She encourages peaceful relations with the rest of her neighbors, and this along with her devout worship of the gods, sees her called Jasmina the Pious.
4356 Human tribes living on the fringes of The Asgir Expanse, discover ancient artifacts of untold power lying in a monolith of unknown origin, before being driven off by arcane horrors.
4358 A vereg explorer named Arnbjorn, unites many of the outer tribes and clans, in an effort to raise army strong enough capture the monolith. The bordering elven kingdom of Conrani, fearing his intentions, raises their own armies to stop him. With most his armies destroyed during the Battle of Dagger Forest, Arnbjorn is forced to sue for peace, and abandon his ambitions.
4860 Elven mages, led by a wizard named Faladar, tries to take control of Conrani, by blowing up the ruling family as they worship in the Grand Temple. They succeed in their plot, but are struck by divine energy for their sacrilege, and can no longer tolerate the light of the sun. They flee underground, and establish themselves in ancient underground forts, from then on being known as the drow.
5426 Tired of unfair taxation, people across Carrickdon rebel against their king, in a conflict that becomes known as The War of Mist. A narrow peace ends the fighting, with new realms appearing, and Carrickdon greatly weakened.
5499 The great stratosi explorer Megeon, begins his legendary journey to visit every major port in the world. His tales from foreign shores, spurs interest about foreign lands.
5507 Megeon's journey comes to a tragic end in Cealand, as he contracts food poisoning from a badly cooked piece of licorice. His death is mourned and commemorated throughout Stratos.
5510 Orcish warlord Hrunt Groincleaver, launches a gigantic assault against dwarven holds near Odafeign. The desperate lords of the city, begrudgingly resorts to hired human mercenaries for help, and succeed in driving them back, and retaking all lost holds. Hrunt himself is killed in a suicidal counterattack, and his armies scatter to the winds.
5514 Stratos passes a law that bans the sale of licorice throughout the realm.
5580 The terrible lich Gorgo, ravages the tiny scornian kingdom of Villebeg. He is stopped by the combined efforts of the knightly orders of Torlan's Sword and The Crimson Swan. The knights of The Crimson Swan continue the hunt into the forests, to ensure his remaining followers can no longer return him to unlife. They are never seen again.
5750 A friendly dragonchess-match between two rhynbeg nobles turns for the worse, after they both accuse each other of rules-lawyering and poor dress-sense. The fighting becomes so fierce that royal guards have to be sent in, to prevent a civil war from breaking out. In light of this event, a committee of scholars and dragonchess enthusiasts, convene to write a new formalized set of rules for the game.
5778 A resurgence of stories about new monoliths on the Asgir Expanse, spurs adventurous interest. Sir Herewold Froste, travels from Carrickdon to the shores of eastern Cealand, and establishes a kingdom here, hoping to uncover information on these monoliths, and procure the treasures within.

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