Time and History (Forgotten Lands Supplement)

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all told in this time is just kept through memory, folktales, and myths

The Beginning[edit]

the world was covered in vegetation and water the world was flourishing till the everlasting dragons decided to form a kingdom called Drangfell this was the cause of the shameful acts, as they lived forever and never had any problems till after Grand Dragon Draghar was betrayed and killed for him being the king of the dragons for eons. the old ones came forth from the grand dragon's dead body Draghar. After the old ones were born of hatred and betrayal, they split up and created different humanoid races.

Age of virtue[edit]

Golden Age[edit]

Great War[edit]

Dark Age[edit]

less than half of the overall population was left from the great war and struggling to live a happy life nearly everyone is dying and living in harsh conditions and near the beginning, a few years after the great war giants were enslaved and a storm giant named Gronn was tired of slavery started a rebellion against the empire of shiverus with nearly all other giants and killed half of the remaining population and tore down all kingdoms and removed any existing civilization sending everyone into anarchy and caused the Age of the forgotten.

Age of the Forgotten[edit]

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