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Time Anomaly[edit]

Sorcerer Subclass

Your existence is evidence of a temporal error. Swooped up one day from your original timeline you found yourself lost within the cracks in time. You were infused with the unstable form of time magic, left to wander the endless void until you could conquer this power. Eventually you found a way to anchor part of your mind and body back to time albeit not your time nor place. You feel stretched thin as if you're everywhere, and nowhere. Part of you always remains within the cracks of time making you difficult to erase or kill by anything weaker than a god. For now you wait in hopes a god of time will realize their mistake. Your alignment is typically neutral.

Time Anomaly Bonus Spells

When you take this subclass, the following spells are added to your sorcerer spell list at the following levels.

Sorcerer Level Spells
1st Weight of 1000 years (5e spell)
3rd Eyes of Fate (5e Spell)
5th Alternate Reality (5e Spell), Time Bomb (5e Spell)
7th Dimension Door
9th Time Trap (5e Spell)
13th Time Walk (5e Spell)
17th Time Stop (5e Spell), Annihilation (5e Spell)
Anomalous Existence

Unstable time magic makes up most your physical existence, at times it will begin to crack the longer you are away from the void, these fractures glow bright purple, you must spend at least 6 hours there every other day this counts as a long rest, otherwise your physical manifestation will burst and send you back to the void for 1d4 days.

Anchor Point

At 1st level you find you're only bound to this world by an object on your person, this object has to be small for example a pocket watch, or a small weapon, you must keep said object safe. If the object is stolen you will appear at its location as your essence moves with it. You can throw the object and appear at it's location as a sort of teleportation. At 1st level you can throw it up to 15 feet as an action and at 10th level you can throw it 30, at 12th 40 feet as a bonus action. However, be wary if said object is destroyed you will be flung from time and have to find a new anchor point in the cracks of time taking up to 1d10 days to return.

True Anomaly

At the 3rd level you gain control over the flow of time, your powers now effect those around you in strange ways undoing actions they swore they just did. You get three Anomaly points at third level, five at twelfth level and seven at seventeenth. You restore these points at the end of a long rest or half (rounded down) at the end of a short rest.

  • Paradox Purge. Starting at the 3rd level you have found a way to remove the negative effects of your magic by purging some of the unstable magic within you. You can spend one Anomaly point to remove negative impacts of time related spells (ie. Temporal Blur (5e Spell) and spells with similar time related effects).
  • Unstable Aura. At 5th You have learned how to stop another creatures flow of time for a few seconds. When a large enemy hits exactly your AC or a medium/small creature hits within 1 of your AC you may spend 1 Anomaly point as a reaction to try and freeze them in place. that creature must succeed a constitution saving throw or be incapacitated for one round.
  • Rift Surge. At 7th Level You've learned to temporarily amplify the more unstable aspects of your magic. You may spend 1 anomaly point when you make a melee attack or attack spell to cast a spell as a bonus action as though you haven't already attacked.
  • Unusual Energy. At 10th Level You've learned that both spell points and anomaly points are semi-interchangeable as they come from the same source. You can spend 3 points to cast any known spell up to a fifth level spell. Also you can use your anomaly points as a free action to upgrade available spell slots. for example you can spend 7 Anomaly points and a 2nd level spell slot to cast a 9th level spell that you know this turn.
Truly Timeless

At 6th level you can't age and are immune to all time magic, you can choose how old you look. Also if you were to die you are simply sent back to the cracks in time instead for 1d12 days as part of you always resides in the void. Although it will take time to reconstruct your body. If your anchor is destroyed while you're within time you will be lost in time with no known place to return.

Pull To The Past

At 14th level you've found you do exist throughout time and can call on alternate future versions of yourself. Once every 2 days you can call yourself from the future to help with 1 combat and to warn you of future dangers up to 1 hour ahead (traps and planned monsters, weaknesses etc).

One With The Void

At 18th level you find peace with the notion you'll never truly be part of this world again. You understand that you are part of the void and return there for years to meditate and absorb its power. You no longer feel trapped there. You return to the same point you left strong, calm and a bit distant, you've missed your comrades who never knew you were gone. You can erase up to 4 enemies from existence by releasing all of your power at once. However, this damages your vessel and drains your power forcing you to return to the void for that many days.

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