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The basic premise of this class is very simple. You take a Thri-Kreen, and give it the ability to do sneak attacks with many attacks. You make those attacks flat footed attacks and you deny your opponent their dex bonus to AC. You also invest in Multiweapon Fighting in order to gain extra attacks. With all these attacks, you will deal massive amounts of sneak attack dice in damage.


  • Players Handbook (Also available on D&D Wiki's SRD)
  • DMG - for magic item creation. (Also available on D&D Wiki's SRD)
  • Players Handbook II
  • Monster Manual II
  • Unearthed Arcana
  • Complete Adventurer
  • Champions of Ruin

Race and Templates[edit]

Thri-Kreen (non-psionic)

  • Medium size, +2 STR, +2 DEX, -2 INT, +2 WIS, -4 CHA, base land speed 40 ft, darkvision 60 ft.
  • Monstrous Humanoid type (not affected by charm person or other humanoid-affecting spells)
  • Immunity to sleep effects.
  • +2 natural armor.
  • +30 racial bonus on Jump checks.
  • +4 racial bonus on Hide checks in sandy or arid settings.
  • Has four arms. Also has a secondary bite attack for 1d4 damage (-5 attack penalty).
  • Bite attack delivers venom that causes initial 1d3 DEX dmg, then secondary 1d3 DEX dmg. Save DC is 11 + Con modifier. Only enough venom for one bite/day.
  • Gain 1 bonus power point at first level.
  • Begins with 2 levels of monstrous humanoid, giving it 2d8 HD, base attack +2, Fort +0, Ref +3, Will +3. Gains 5 x (2 + Int Modifier) skill points. Racial skills include Balance, Climb, Hide, Jump, Listen, and Spot. Gains Deflect Arrows as a bonus feat. Gains one feat at first level (as normal).
  • Gythka and chatkcha are treated as martial weapons (doesn't matter)


Monstrous Humanoid, Ranger, Unearthed Arcana Fighter variant (sneak attack), Rogue, Ninja, Nightsong Enforcer, Invisible Blade

Ability Scores[edit]

If you are rolling for stats, then the priority is as follows: Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Charisma, Wisdom, Strength.

The sample here will use the elite ability score array with starting stats:


The main idea is feats that increase multiweapon fighting capabilities.

Spells, Powers, Items[edit]

If you are planning to play this character, here are some suggested items.


High Priority

Moderate Priority

  • Wand of Haste
  • Other Monk items -- ring of protection, bracers of armor, etc
  • Handy Haversack -- with all the wands it may come in... well Handy.

Low Priority

The build here uses the standard level 20 gold amount and distributes it as follows:

154,779.5 gold remaining


Starting ability scores:

ECL BAB F/R/W Class/HD/LA Feats Special
3rd +2 0/3/3 Monstrous Humanoid 2 Weapon Finesse (1st level), Deflect Arrows (bonus) Thri-Kreen Traits
4th +3 2/5/3 Ranger 1 Rapid Shot Favored Enemy
5th +4 3/6/3 Ranger 2 Multiweapon Fighting (Ranger Bonus) none
6th +5 3/6/4 Ranger 3 Endurance (Ranger Bonus) none
7th +6 4/7/4 Ranger 4 Improved Rapid Shot Animal Companion, Ranger Spells
8th +7 4/7/4 Ranger 5 none 2nd Favored Enemy
9th +8 5/8/5 Ranger 6 Improved Multiweapon Fighting (Ranger Bonus) none
10th +9 7/8/5 UA Fighter 1 Improved Initiative Sneak Attack +1d6
11th +9 7/10/5 Rogue 1 none Sneak Attack +2d6
12th +9 7/12/5 Ninja 1 none Sudden Strike +1d6, Ki Pool
13th +10 8/12/5 UA Fighter 2 Skill Focus (Use Magic Device) none
14th +11 8/13/5 Rogue 2 none Evasion
15th +12 8/14/5 Ninja 2 none Swift invisibility for 1 round
16th +13 8/15/6 UA Fighter 3 Craven Sneak Attack +3d6
17th +14 9/15/7 Ninja 3 none Sudden Strike +2d6
18th +15 10/17/8 NightSong Enforcer 1 none Sneak Attack +4d6
19th +15 10/19/8 Invisible Blade 1 Greater Multiweapon Fighting Sneak Attack +5d6
20th +15 11/19/9 Rogue 3 none Sneak Attack +6d6 (max UMD)

Combat Tactics[edit]

First activate the Wand of Divine Power (using Use Magic Device). You now have a +20 BAB.

Next, activate the Wand of Greater Invisibility (or use your ninja ability to go invisible for a round when you attack).

Finally activate the Wand of Chill Touch.

Move up to an enemy.

Your full base attack routine is as follows:

  • +18/+18/+13/+8/+3 primary hand (one +18 is a thrown weapon)
  • +18/+13/+8 off hand 1
  • +18/+13/+8 off hand 2
  • +18/+13/+8 off hand 3
  • +13 bite

Add in haste for another attack.

Note that all of the attacks besides the thrown weapon and bite are touch attacks. As well, Greater Invisibility makes your targets lose their dex bonus to AC.

You also add your dex bonus to all your attacks.

The sample here has the following attack modifiers:

  • +2 invisible
  • +1 hasted
  • +11 dex

This gives:

  • +32/+32/+32/+27/+22/+17 primary hand (one +32 is a thrown weapon)
  • +32/+27/+22 off hand 1
  • +32/+27/+22 off hand 2
  • +32/+27/+22 off hand 3
  • +27 bite

For each hit you do, you do 8d6+19 sneak attack damage (which equates to 120d6 + 285 damage since the bite will probably miss).

Your AC is also high:

10 + 11 dex + 8 armor + 7 shield + 8 deflection + 5 natural = 49

If your opponent can see invisible creatures, you are probably in trouble. It would be handy in this case to get yourself a scroll of Summon Monster IX. You can then summon a colossal fiendish monstrous spider, which has a grapple of +50. Use that to grapple down your opponent and they will lose their dex bonus to AC.

Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

If you are allowed to change the item slot of your Gloves of Dexterity, you could gain a lot more AC. With 4 Gauntlets with the Defending property, you can still do touch attacks, but also add 4x the enhancement bonus of the gauntlets to your AC. Thus +3 Defending Gauntlets (128,000 GP for the set) will grant +12 AC, bringing the AC up to 61.

When you reach epic levels, you can get Perfect Multiweapon Fighting, which grants 3 more attacks per round.

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