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The titans. There are few things in this world who spawn so many different images, both because few have any clue what the titans were, and because those few who do know how completely different and contrary to the very laws of nature and reality they were. The titans were a powerful and primordial force, created at the very dawn of time, and shaping the world with their very presence. There were so many titans, and they were so different in nature, that it would be a monumental task to mention them all, so instead most split them into rough groups, based on commonalities.

The Types of Titans[edit]

The Abominations[edit]

These titans were the most recognizable in their nature, for they most resembled something that belonged in a sane world. They had a body, limbs, heads, and a corporeal form, and they interacted with world in ways that made sense. All that said, they were still monstrous in both behavior and size, most standing taller than the trees, and capable of crushing mortals under foot, without even noticing them. It took great courage to face such a creature in battle, nut numbers of disciplined troops could, and did prevail against them. One famous abomination was Rotrotrakc the Mouth, an enormous sea creature that resembled a cross between a giant shark and a mammoth, that terrorized the seas undefeated for many years, until it was lured onto land, and killed with a magical lance to the brain by Withnoth himself.

The Behemoths[edit]

These titans were truly unfathomable in size, but more so in their nature. The largest of them could dwarf the mountains, and cause earthquakes with their steps. They were often indistinguishable from the terrain around them, for the terrain often changed to fit in with the nature of the titan in question. Were these titans fell, the landscape are scared the most, for in their dead throes, they warp it into impossible shapes. The most famous of the behemoths, was a being only known as The Vastness, an mountain sized walking volcano, that strode across the Asgir Expanse. It took the combined powers of Melwyniac, Erding, and Archibald, to summon a meteor so large that the titan was destroyed in a single hit, in a impact so powerful that it shook the very core of the world, and spread it's remains as far as the cold north.

The Primordials[edit]

Of all the titans, nothing could match the sheer insanity of the Primordials. They were not so much beings, as they were forces of nature, concepts brought to life, warping the very nature of their world, in ways unfathomable by even the gods. These titans could not be slain by swords, for how can one wound sadness, or duel the sound of the waves on a beach? Of all the titans, only these truly confounded the gods, for even they rarely knew to even engage them. Only the endless ingenuity of the champions, combined with the power of the gods, allowed them to be engaged and brought to heel. Of all the primordials, and indeed all titans, one stands above all in importance and sheer legend, Chronos the Lord Of Time, greatest of the titans. All the champions had tried take on him, but none could stand against time itself. Where all other champions failed however, Yondai lived in a timeless body (thanks to his extreme dscipline and inward perfection), and as such could fight and bind Chronos to his will, permanently turning the war against the titans.

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