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Weapon (Staff), Legendary (Requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This staff is a beauty to behold, a silver at the base up to half the height of it, then it fades to black. The top of the staff isn't actually connected to the tip of it, but is four separate, curved parts that spin in a sphere around a clock-looking, glowing circle of blue energy that can never be tarnished by anything. It gives the person attuned to it flashes of time, past or future, either as a warning or as a source of information on something. Only once a day can it open a time rift and send 3 (max) creatures through time. You never know where you'll see this staff as it just pops in and out of time looking for the perfect wielder.
Sentience. The Time Staff is a formidable weapon and will talk in Common, and Infernal, but only to those attuned to it. It has Intelligence of 20 (+5), Wisdom of 6 (-2) and Charisma of 19 (+4). It enjoys simply yelling to frighten the wielder if it doesn't believe that the user is right for it, but the one who holds on after being yelled at is almost always worthy of the staff's power. It can hear everything around it and can see for 60ft out of it's glowing circle of energy.
Personality. The Time Staff was made to be the ultimate warrior, cold-hearted, yet warm to those it believes is lesser than it. When angered, it glows harsh blue, and it is angered by a lot. Even a squirrel can set off the glow. It's always into finding more about lore for the area, always stopping to read the old books of myths and legends that have survived the tests of time. While it prefers to be wielded by its creator, that's no longer an option, so now it looks for a steely warrior with a heart of gold. Those are so hard to come by, but it will search until either it is caught and used for evil or it finds the worthy wielder.

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