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Weapon (Sword), Legendary (Requires attunement by a fighter of chaotic good, chaotic neutral, or neutral good alignment)

Khelderborn or The Sword of Swords as it is more commonly known appears as an old slightly rusted short sword when found. If a wizard casts identify, Khelderborn will only reveal slight stirrings of magic. If a suitable Fighter keeps the sword overnight and it finds the fighter worthy it will quietly transform into a +1 Sword of the type the fighter is currently using. Over time, if Khelderborn is impressed with the fighter, it will become +2 and may transform again overnight (at the DM's discretion). When Khelderborn is finally impressed enough by the fighter it will telepathically reveal itself. Once this happens Khelderborn will become a +3 sword and the Fighter then picks 2 minor beneficial properties and 2 major beneficial properties. It will change shape at will and occasionally when asked by the fighter. Once a day it can pair itself (the fighter can pull the sword apart and use it as two swords)for up to 10 minutes. Khelderborn can also feed off magic swords, for example if left overnight next to a firebrand, it will consume this ability destroying the sword and adding fire to its abilities. It can consume more then one ability at a time up to twice your level. If the fighter dies Khelderborn will go into mourning for 1d6 years, It will return into a rusty old short sword. Once Khelderborn reveals itself it is an opinionated, jovial companion who enjoys talking with its fighter and shouting out suggested tactics in battle. All of these abilities are at the DM's discretion.
Sentience. Khelderborn is Chaotic Good. It has an Intelligence score of 16 (+3), a Wisdom score of 18 (+4), and a Charisma score of 21 (+5). It can sense evil and communicates telepathically in any language.
Personality. Jovial, opinionated and talkative, Khelderborn likes to tell bad jokes in its spare time. It will also refuse to attack good creature unless it understands and agrees with the reasoning. If forced it will turn it's +3 into a -3 and may go as far as using any consumed abilities against its user (ie. the firedranding will ignite the hilt instead of the blade).

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