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Weapon (Any sword), Legendary (Requires attunement by a player with at least 1 spell)

The gleaming silver blade is unable to get dirty, always shinning. The hilt looks like its wrapped in a piece of white cloth that you can't remove. A bright blue gem lies in the center, holding the mind of a young girl.

Sentience. The Psych Sword has the scores for Intelligence of 22(+6), Wisdom of 23(+6) and Charisma of 21(+5). She's a practical joker who will use her ability to make her wielder see and hear a young girl. She can't physically change anything in the world except her wielder's sanity. She can, at any time, use the spell Detect Thoughts as a 1st-level spell and uses it as soon as she can.
Personality. The Psych Sword is humored by a lot of things. Even unfortunate circumstances that makes the wielder drop the blade, if it's funny, will make the blade laugh hard. She enjoys running people into walls by making the image of a girl appear and run into a wall and vanish. With a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw, a creature could see the slight difference between the image and an actual girl and not be fooled, though, if that happens, the blade with cry for a single minute, bored. If her blade is stolen from the wielder she likes, she will use all her strength to make the thief kill everyone she doesn't like around him/her and then himself. After that, she needs 3 days of rest, all of her abilities disabled until then.

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