The Outsider (5e Deity)

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The Outsider[edit]


Alignment: Unaligned

Portfolio: Leviathan, Rats, the Void, Fate, Stories

Domain: Knowledge, Void

Divine Rank: Greater Deity


Believers of the Outsider more often fear him. Others revere him. Others regard him as a nuisance. Some even found entire organizations solely to combat his influence. Some may perform rituals in his name only to find themselves disappointed in never seeing a glimpse of him. While others will be constantly visited by this being having nothing to do with him in the past.

Followers and Shrines[edit]

The Outsider has many worshipers, but he regards them little less than other mortals. Mainly due to their constant desire for power and knowledge. These 'rituals' vary drastically depending on the performers. Some are as mild as dancing, singing, or chanting. Others are as heinous as sacrifice and cannibalism. Either way, the Outsider chooses who he visits, if anyone, at his leisure. From a noblewoman, to a prisoner; from an orphan, to a Queen; from an assassin to an artist. His reasons are his alone. And no being mortal God or otherwise can determine what these reasons may be.


He appears to some as a plain-looking young man with short brown hair and black eyes, wearing a brown coat, blue pants and black boots. To others he could have no form at all. Some records show him as a great whale or a leviathan. Or perhaps he doesn't have a form after all.


Rarely, only a few in any given generation, will be visited by the Outsider. These few can be simply inspired to create something never before thought of in the world. Others, are given something far more rare. The Outsider brands the mortal with His mark. This mark serves as a conduit to the Void, a plane of existence outside time itself. These powers are different from one mortal to the other. Two things are clear, those marked have the power to change the world, and these powers are simply amplifications of the marked's natural abilities.

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