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Weapon (Warhammer), Legendary (Requires attunement by a good aligned character)

The Master Torch is a simple looking warhammer with a wooden handle and a steel head, though the hammer is worn down to the point that the weapon more closely resembles a mace. The head is normally enveloped in a brilliant blue flame which creates no heat, doesn’t use oxygen, and casts light equal to that of a normal torch. The flame can be covered or hidden but not smothered or quenched. The Master Torch contains the spirit of an ancient samurai referenced in historical texts only as "The Master". It is said that this samurai had vowed to fight against the forces of evil from an early age, wielding this very warhammer in his journey to smite the ones responsible for the darkness in the world. Legend has it that when he inevitably perished in battle his conviction to fight against evil was so strong that his soul refused to leave this plane and bound itself to his weapon, which promptly flew into the hands of the nearest good hearted warrior to light their noble path.

Worn Hammerhead: The bludgeoning damage inflicted by the Master Torch's worn down hammerhead is 1d6 (1d8 when two-handed) instead of the normal damage inflicted by a warhammer.

Eternal Flame: So long as a creature is attuned to the Master Torch and that creature currently has at least half it's maximum health, the flame cannot be dispelled by anything short of a wish spell and it's light is considered magical. The Master Torch has 1 charge which the wielder can expend using a bonus action to reignite the flame in the case that it is dispelled. If expended, the Master Torch regains this charge at dawn.

The Light of Truth: So long as the Master Torch is lit and uncovered, the attuned creature gains Truesight out to the range of 10ft while wielding it.

Torch of Evil's Bane: So long as the attuned creature is at full health, the light emitted by the Master Torch is amplified along with it's effects. The Master Torch now shines bright light out to 30ft and dim light out to an additional 30ft, and any evil aligned creature that enters the range of the bright light for the first time on their turn or starts it's turn there must pass a constitution saving throw at DC 15 + your proficiency bonus or take 2d10 radiant damage. If the result of the save is 9 or lower the damage is changed to 4d8 and the target also suffers a level of exhaustion. If the result is a natural 1 the target instead suffers 2 levels of exhaustion. Melee attacks made against evil aligned creatures with the Master Torch while it is lit and enhanced in this way have a +3 to hit and deal an additional 1d10 radiant damage.

Sentience. The Master, the soul within the Master Torch, is a Neutral Good spirit. His intelligence score is 10, his wisdom score is 14, and his charisma score is 8. The Master can hear and see normally out to the range of the light emitted by the flame, and has Truesight and Blindsight out to the range of the bright light emitted by the flame. He loses these senses any time the flame is not lit. The Master can speak, read, and understand common, celestial, and sylvan and can communicate telepathically with any creature so long as they are wielding it.
Personality. The Master is stoic but kindhearted. He will often give advice on the wielders technique and form in battle, even when not asked for. While not concerned with matters of legality, whether upheld or betrayed, The Master is adamantly opposed to all evil and any form of evil act performed or ignored by the wielder will certainly cause an immediate conflict. If the Master deems the wielder to have a pure and courageous heart, he will begin to view the relationship between himself and his wielder as that of Master and Student and will offer to spend time teaching the wielder everything he knows of combat and philosophy. Once the wielder has learned all The Master has to teach he will reveal his vision of a great source of evil that will someday rise and bring terror to the world. He will then beseech the wielder to stand ready to fight against that evil when it comes, and to gather others who can do the same. If the request is refused, the creature loses it's attunement to the Master Torch and can never attune to it again.

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