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The Mangled[edit]

When a creature dies, its soul passes through the Shadowfell before entering the Astral Plane. Living beings that have died a particularly prolonged, violent, or cruel death that don't remain in the Ethereal plane as ghosts or on the Material Plane as revenants often end up discarding the excess psychic energy of their suffering in the Shadowfell. This excess energy manifests as harrowing creatures known as the Mangled, living embodiments of the suffering that created them. Similar to the Sorrowsworn, the Mangled exist solely to share the suffering that they embody with other creatures.

These Mangled can take many forms, but all of them are quite disturbing. Here are some of the most common incarnations:

Unusual Nature. The Mangled are alive but not living in the traditional sense. They do not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep.

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