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Stub Logo.png This page is incomplete and/or lacking flavor. Reason: unfinished. How does the warning work? Does a little imp pop up and wave its finger at the PCs? Or is it the DM metagaming? What if the DM has this whole adventre set here and then says "Your magic own't work, time doesn't exist, you can't destroy or create anything. Do you wish to enter?" and the Players say "Nah, I'm good."? Are the korisar still around? If so what are they like? If they've gone, what culture have they left behind? How big is the lab? What is the land around it like? Who brings the "powerful indivdiuals" here, and how? If time doesn't exist, how does anything happen? That's for starters.

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The Mada Reality[edit]

Mada Reality meaning furthest point from reality.

Conditions of Entering[edit]

This is a plane of existence not accessible by any means unless under certain circumstances. However, if you did enter, a warning should be issued to ensure you are aware of the consequences. Magic does not work in this domain and you cannot alter the flow of time as time does not exist in this domain. You can not destroy or create anything in this domain. Knowing all this, do you still wish to enter?

The Origin[edit]

The Mada Reality, once home to small creatures known as Korisar was a pretty bland place. It consisted of mostly empty space containing mass amounts of a white matter substance. The Korisar would play and play but eventually they got bored. They had nothing to do so they just sat around waiting. This reality used to be bland and empty until one day someone very... interesting appeared. This person was a godlike creature and had just been born into this reality. The Korisar wondered who this mysterious person was and how they had entered their world. They told the Korisar their name was Arichashau and they wish to make things interesting. The Korisar being curious agreed to his request. Upon the agreement being made Arichashau began constructing a massive structure. This marked the foundation of the lab. It was made of an unknown material that could not be destroyed. The Korisar were given a purpose and Arichashau had place to begin his work.

The Lab[edit]

The Lab is a place built in this realm by Arichashau. It is a place where powerful individuals are brought to be properly maintained and ensure they are not a threat to the mortal realm. Test Subjects that enter the lab are tested for 48 hours and then released back to the mortal realm. If the individual being tested on attempts to fight in the lab. They will be immediately become paralyzed and held for an additional 24 hours for more testing. Once a test subjects attempt to fight 3 times they will be forced to wear a safety collar which will shock them if they attempt to attack anything in the next 72 hours.

Rules of Mada[edit]

  1. Magic does not work without the Mask of Arichashau
  2. Time does not exist and cannot be altered
  3. You cannot create or destroy anything
  4. You cannot fly (If you can only fly you can hover 1ft of the ground)
  5. Damage you deal is cut in half here
  6. Your damage immunities become damage resistances

Residents of Mada[edit]

Arichashau - Godlike Creature with an altered appearance of a Korisar

Korisar - Small 4'3 Creatures who work under the deity known as Arichashau

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