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The Illuminati:[edit]

The Hidden Power behind the Enlightenment

Introduction: Comprised of powerful people that reside in the upper echelons of society. Led by James Ball, a young but wealthy business consultant, he attributes the foundation of the group to his ancestor Lucien Ball in the 1800’s. Other esteemed Alums of the Illuminati include; Anastasia Markova, Mr. Onimako, Franz Draco. It is rumored that gangster Louis Corsone and drug lord Elario Carcavera are members but there is no ties that can be proven. How ever large or small the core membership is there is no denying that they control the international organization known as The Enlightenment, their goal is bring about a one-world government controlled by a single multi-conglomerate corporation, considering who runs this faction there is no doubt the have means and the will to see it done in our lifetime. – Taken from an anonymous letter sent to a local newspaper.

Membership: Here is the true members list of the Illuminati as ranked by seniority;

#1 Baal (d20 Menace Manual)

#2 Anastasia Markova (Urban Arcana)

#3 Mr. Onimako (Urban Arcana)

#4 Franz Draco (Urban Arcana)

#5 Louis Corsone (Urban Arcana)

#6 Elario Carcavera (d20 Menace Manual)

Organization Breakdown: As the Illuminati controls The Enlightenment, the personal organizations of the members are considered part of The Enlightenment, and some of the organizations have ones under them so the break follows thus;

1. The Enlightenment (Urban Arcana)

1.1. Markova Enterprises, Intl. (Urban Arcana)

1.1.1. Global Network News (d20 Menace Manual)

1.2. Onimako Consulting (Urban Arcana)

1.3. Draco Industries (Urban Arcana)

1.3.1. ThinkBest (d20 Cyberscape)

1.4. Corsone Syndicate (Urban Arcana)

1.5. La Gente (d20 Menace Manual)

Background: Considering the wide range of resources this power group has at its disposal the question shouldn’t be when will they rule the world but haven’t they already. The nature of their leader, the archfiend Baal, is known only to one other, Franz Draco. This is because they both had massive kingdoms among the mortals in the antediluvian past when they could freely in their true forms and were worshiped as gods. But in this new age they both came to realize that finance and politics garnered more power and prestige than magic and might did in ancient times. In time they sought out others who have similar views and formed a secrete society that plans to mold the world in one nation with everyone basically working for one company and all of it controlled by a select few with the Illuminati pulling all the strings from the shadows.

To maintain appearances the Illuminati meet in person only in emergences and they make sure the area is secure from all electrical, magical, or psionic surveillance. Otherwise meeting are conducted via special psionicly powered business cards, to the naked eye they look mundane enough but held and the holder focuses on the names on the various cards, she is put into mental contact with those people, this allows all six members to remain in contact with each other that is untraceable and nigh undetectable. With the ability to pool resources when ever necessary they are individually powerful but together almost nothing can stand against them.

The Enlightenment was formed when collectively they realized that as powerful as they are tasks still needed delegated and if they had group of power hungry executives, CEOs, and politicians that has access to supernatural powers (magic, psionics, mutations, ECT.), they will help the Illuminati form the one government/one corporation goal and be a perfect cover to mask the Illuminati’s actions (nobody knows of the Illuminati, but with digging you’ll find the Enlightenment). Thus they have remained in the shadows, unnoticed, unchecked, so far only the Fellowship has tried to foil their plans but as of all they know of is the Enlightenment, should they get close to the truth, the Illuminati may take preventative action .

Although they put up a unified front they are not one big happy family, there is back biting and constant grabs for power that tend to step on each others toes. But though all these power plays there is no actual infighting, for while Baal encourages greed and corruption he will not tolerate the Illuminati to destroy it self from the inside, that after all would be counter productive. So he keeps this shaky alliance at peace, and the members are safe from each other as long as they serve their purpose and don’t endanger the grand scheme.

Baal sees the world thru the eyes of an ancient evil that has been around since time immortal, his motives are his own, he keeps his counsel and has no confidants, but for all he power he is not omnipotent although his current position grants him nearly that. His main goal is to have every man, woman, and child completely motivated by greed and an unceasing lust for power. He is the heart and brains of the Illuminati, for without him they would fall upon each other like rabid dogs.

Anastasia Markova is the living embodiment of the old maxim “knowledge is power”, through television networks, movie studios, newspapers, internet services and much more she keeps her finger on the pulse of the world, and through GNN she can mold that pulse to that pulse to what ever her or to a greater extent the Illuminati want. She is the eyes and ears of the Illuminati, it she who will make the populace of the world see the one world government is in their best interest.

Mr. Onimako is an enigma, he suddenly appears in the world of finance and takes it by storm, in fact he is the most sought after financial consultant next to James Ball, which is what led him to his current position, with some phone calls and the right words in placed in certain ears he can completely change stock markets, multi-national companies, and global economies. He makes up one half of the strong right hand of the Illuminati, the world economy doesn’t twitch without his knowledge or most of the time his say so.

Franz Draco is the CEO of one of the most powerful corporations in the world, Draco Industries has military contracts with America and NATO, as well as more mundane endeavors, and his most blatant power move is the development of advanced technologies (cybernetic proteases and enhancements, private aerospace projects, energy weapons and heavy powered armor) and has no qualms about “lending” such technologies to the criminal elements of the Illuminati for the simple purpose of test their effectiveness. He along with Mr. Onimako make up the strong right hand of the Illuminati, new technologies don’t hit the world market without his approval.

Louis Corsone is the godfather of the Corsone Syndicate, this crime family has control of most of the organized crime in America and Europe, with his mental prowess, criminal resources, shadow minions, and help here and there from the Illuminati, and he has stayed one step or more ahead of law enforcement and rival gangs. He makes up one half of the unseen left hand of the Illuminati, his criminal acts world wide make people feel unsafe and insecure about their governments.

Elario Carcavera is the head of the largest drug cartel in South America and is the main supplier of common and designer drugs all over the Americas and Asia, and with aid from Draco Industries he has access to pharmaceuticals to further enhance his ability to make more potent and addicting drugs. He along with Louis Corsone makes up the unseen left had of the Illuminati, his poison will aid in subjugating the masses and keeping them chained by their addictions.

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