The Helm of Ancient Souls (5e Equipment)

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Armor (Helmet), legendary (requires attunement)

A helmet that alters its size shape and style to the attuned wearer. If the wearer is good the design is birdlike and shines with a radiant glow, if the wearer is neutral the design is leafy and organic and if the wearer is evil the design is boarlike and glows with a necrotic shimmer. Provides AC of +8 and is made of mithral.
Sentience. The helmet has three souls bound to it a good a neutral and an evil.; Intelligence 20, Wisdom 20 and Charisma 16; blind sense 1 mile cannot see through metal or stone, telepathically communicates with its wearer.
Personality. The first soul bound to it is a lawful good elf paladin, he is helpful and insightful but does not tolerate evil in any form. The second soul is a neutral Drayd who leans more towards good but values the forest above morality. The final soul is a chaotic evil orc war chief who seeks carnage. All three souls are present regardless of the wearer but the wearer detirmines which is more powerful.


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