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Armor (shield), legendary (requires attunement by a character with a Charisma score of 14 or more)

The Heart Wall is a Large circular shield made out of gold with rubies engraved on the outline of the shield. There is a large feminine face on the front, with closed eyes and a faint smile. When it opens its eyes it reveals eyes that are emerald and soul piercing, but too realistic to be made by a craftsman and seem to be human.

History The Heart Wall was once a human girl, her name is lost to time, but she claimed it to be Monika. She was stricken in Love by a young elf named Raunaeril and they met in secret to express their love. Her father inevitably found out and was incredibly enraged, beating her senselessly. It is said that an Ancient Goddess of Love took pity on her and granted her one wish, she asked to forever be together with Raunaeril and to protect him. Due to him being a warrior, the Goddess turned her into a shield, but Raunaeril had become disgusted with her, for he never truly loved her and was already bound to an elf. It was with this that she laid dormant for about 300 years.

Flaming Love Once per short rest the user may cast the spell 5e SRD:Fire Storm and restore 1/4 of the damage dealt as health to the user.

The Heat of Love When attuned to this item and it is equipped you are immune to cold damage.

Wrath When a creature makes an attack against the wielder of the Heart Wall and fail, You may make a DC 18 dexterity check if you succeed, they take 2d10 bludgeoning damage, if you fail the attack is now considered a successful attack.

The Flame Burns On Once per month if someone attuned to The Heart Wall dies then the shield casts the spell 5e SRD:True Resurrection, however, the shield's features are not accessible until a long rest occurs. Until then the shield will be incredibly tired and exhausted.
Sentience. The Heart Wall is a Neutral shield, that can speak telepathically in a young human females voice with whoever is attuned to it as long as they are within 60 ft of it or whoever has it equipped and speaks Common. Intelligence:13 Charisma:20 Wisdom:7
Personality. The Heart Wall is a naive and innocent young girl when it comes to her personality, she enjoys protecting those who are attuned to it and feeling helpful, she is semi-easy to please as she takes pleasure out of knowing she has succeeded in helping or protecting her user. She likes it when the user is kind to others, or helps people achieve their dreams. Though as her bond with the wielder grows she may slowly begin to hate it when they spend time with others and begin to be in-compassionate or angry with other adventurers who she feels are a threat to her relationship with the wielder, or she may insist on being worn or held at all times. In the event the wielder performs acts of great cruelty, begins to spend too much time with other people, spends too little time with her or doesn't compliment her or show any compassion for one week then a conflict will occur.

Destruction of The Heart Wall It is possible that the Heart Wall will become so close to the wielder that she will fall in love with them, if she confesses her love and is rejected, the shield will become depressed and return to dormancy for an additional 300 years, acting as nothing more than a normal shield.

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