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The Dark Mage[edit]

Under the paving stones - the beach!

The Dark Mage is a dark fantasy world set in a time akin to the 20th century in our world. Arsakhena, the world of this setting, has been primarily devasted by two brutal worldwide wars (Continental Wars) and entered into a new age of counter-culture, technology, and revolution. However, with the rise of "arborecent" states and the spread of ecliptic plague, a war that is going to change the world forever is coming.

Behind the causation of the Magitech Revolution, the start of Continental Wars, the development of magicium nuclear bombs, and other atrocities alike lie the Expenditure. A sinister cosmic being with no clear agenda other than obeying and executing the prime law of this world, The Accursed Share; The portion of energy in sentient life, the portion which we cannot usefully invest, and that must be spent. Basically: all societies produce a surplus of resources, whether they be material, cultural, or spiritual. However, this surplus cannot be fully consumed or utilized and must be "wasted" or sacrificed in order to maintain social order. This process of waste and sacrifice is an essential aspect of sentient society, and The Dark Mage explores the ways in which it is manifested in a variety of cultural and social practices, including religion, art, and sexuality.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

Classes remains mostly same, except with a number of new additional classes and some significant changes to a few classes.
Humans and Demons mostly populate the world of The Dark Mage. There are also Dwarfs, Elves, Half-Demons, Undead, Goblins, Orcs, Shadowborns, Tieflings, Fairies and Changelings in the world but their number is few.
Spells & Magic
With awe inspiring breakthroughs in fields of magic and the combination of magic with technology, there exists new and powerful spells for casters.

World of The Dark Mage

The World & Locales
Arsakhena, the name of the planet, is bigger than our world and it is divided into two supercontinents: Arsana and Khena. There exists a sea between the two continents, and two giant oceans making up the water mass of Arsakhena.
Time and History
Modern history began in 1000s with the start of Magitech Revolution. The current age is 14th century and the world is in brink of an another world war again.
From multiracial federations to ethnic unitary states, to anarchist communions to hunter-gatherer tribes, to worker's goverments to laissez faire governments, there exists quite a diversity in how societies are ruled, and how they are different to eachother.
The Accursed Share governs the world, and its self-declared servant Expenditure executes its will. There exist only one realm and many universes with different magicium intensities. Everything has a "desiring-machine" that allows them to change the world.

Dungeon Master's Guide

Many wicked and strange creatures, created for wars, born from magic's intervention of evolution, or came from another universes, dwell in Arsakhena. To add, with the spread of ecliptic plague and the founding of Varesaintia, new and unknown horrors are seen.

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