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April Fools!
This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.

Weapon (Bastard Sword (5e Equipment)), Legendary (Requires attunement by a character who meets the following prerequisites of this incredibly rude bastard sword. 1. an intelligence equal to or greater than 12 2. must not be a "Rough Type" things like druids, rogues, thieves, barbarians, savages and cave dwelling mongrels.)

The Chadius Blade originated from an old folk tale that goes like this. There once was a young noble man Sir Chadius of Chadford, a legendary pompous, rude, and generally quite nasty individual who was incredibly rich and fit of body. Legend states that his wife loved him, but hated how he treated everyone he perceived as inferior or mongrels, as a result she sneaked out one night and spoke with a gypsy witch who told her that she would cast a spell on her husband that would siphon all the evil and hostility into one item, which while others claim differently, it was in fact a Bastard Sword, accordingly due to the fact it was created by gypsies it was a rusted, and poorly made sword, but the snide and pompous soul that went in it dramatically changed its appearance.

It is a thick and mighty blade that looks strong, and powerful. It is covered in jewels, gems, and glimmers and shines with the gold and silver it is made of. The long blade is thick, yet somehow elven, but if you tell him that he will become incredibly enraged for insinuating he is a "Half-Breed". The blade is made of a fine silver that glimmers and shines, with engravings depicting wine and some of the finer things in life as well as the word "Ouch" on the blade. The handle is covered in Gold, Sapphire, and emeralds. Wielding the weapon makes the wielder confident and powerful in their personality, they'll take more risks and back down less.

Come At Me Bro You have advantage on intimidation and initiative checks. You may force a creature to make a Charisma Saving Throw(DC 18 + you charisma modifier) If they pass then nothing happens. If they fail then they are considered frightened of you.

Dude you ain't got no money When you kill a creature roll a d10. Multiply that by ten and you get that much gold. This weapon deals 2d12 Thunder Damage.

What are you Doing When you roll a 1 then the weapon becomes so enraged with your incredible blunder that it voices this loudly. You must pass a DC 15 charisma saving throw or you become so sad about what it said then you forfeit your next turn. If you pass then you are filled with determination to prove yourself and have advantage on your next check.

You best quit or you gonna get yo self beat When an enemy fails a check against you then they take a 4d4 psychic damage because of all the things the sword is saying about them.

Not in my House When you pass a defense check on a melee attack, then you may make an attack on the attacker that follows these rules. Option 1. "Suplex", you hoist the creature over your back and flip them over they are now in a position opposite to where they were previously and take a 1d12 bludgeoning damage. Option 2 "The Knee" You quickly take hold of the enemies head and swiftly bring forth your knee. They take a d10 of bludgeoning damage and are considered stunned until their next turn. Option 3 "Back Breaker Knee" The target takes 2d12 of Bludgeoning Damage and are considered prone for two turns or until their next turn. All these actions immediately end the targets Turn

Sentience. This weapon is considered Chaotic Good, has hearing smell and sight out to 60ft and communicates with whoever is touching it or attuned to it within 60 ft. It speaks common. It has a Intelligence: 16 Wisdom:14 Charisma:18
Personality. The Chadius Blade, hates three things more than anything Mongrels, Poor People, and most of all Weaklings. It will commonly make snide remarks and mockery at the wielders short comings, and often makes fun of them and or their party mates who they consider mongrels, but regardless will not leave the player assuming they put forth effort to separate themselves from these savages. As the player spends more time with it, it will slowly begin to like them more and make fun of them less, but will continue and possibly escalate its mockery of the other characters. It will often encourage the wielder to take risks, such as making advances on people they are interested them or just urging them to have another pint. If the wielder continuously introverts themselves from society or spends too much time or shows affections to savages then a conflict will occur.

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