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The Burst[edit]

The Burst is one of twelve closely-guarded fighting styles, known as the Zodiac Of Pain. The Burst focuses on trickery and a connection to nature to assassinate enemies. Originally, the Zodiac Of Pain referred to twelve adventurers who used dark magic to slaughter the forces of darkness. They each founded their own school of combat, and they each chose twelve others to lead their school. The hierarchy of a Zodiac Of Pain school is twelve ranks, each containing twelve students who are sub-ranked within that rank. When a student feels ready, they can challenge the one from the rank above that corresponds to their sub-rank to a duel. If the challenger wins, they swap places. If they lose, they decrease in the standings of their rank. When a student is in the twelfth rank, they can challenge a master. If they win, they become a master too and the school searches for a new recruit. A student has twelve years to learn the ways of thier Zodiac Style and to become a master, and if they fail they are killed to keep the order a secret.

Zodiac Of Pain Induction

You gain a Zodiac Of Pain charge. You can use it to fuel your Zodiac Of Pain abilities. Your Zodiac Of Pain charges are refilled after you finish a long rest. At 10th level, you gain a second Zodiac Of Pain charge. At 15th level, you regain one after you finish a short rest. At 20th level, you gain a third Zodiac Of Pain charge.

Bonus Proficiencies

You become proficient with all ranged weapons.

Animal Spies

You can communicate ideas with beasts as if you shared a language. Also, you can forge a telepathic link to a willing beast with a 1-hour ritual. Beasts are friendly towards you and can be persuaded to help you accordingly, as shown on page 245 of the DMG.

Exit Strategy

As a reaction when you reduce a creature to 0 hit points, you can cast Invisibility on yourself. It ceases at the start of your next turn. You may do this 3 times before you finish a long rest. You may expend a Zodiac Of Pain charge to gain 3 more uses of this feature. (you can have up to 6 uses at any one time)

Masterful Exit Strategy

You have no limit on the number of Invisibility spells you can cast on yourself. You can expend a Zodiac Of Pain charge to cast Greater Invisibility instead, however. These now cease at the end of the turn after which they were cast.

Absolute Focus

You can take an action (and expend a Zodiac Of Pain charge) to Focus on an enemy. If that enemy does not find cover until the start of your next turn, you can apply your Sneak Attack bonus to all damage rolls against that enemy on that turn. Also, your Sneak Attack bonus damage is in general Force damage and when you use Absolute Focus allies have advantage on attack rolls against it until the start of your next turn.

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